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Smart Cuts is a video and animation Production Company based in Lausanne, Switzerland that produces quality,affordable content for the web, TV and live events. Smart Cuts offers interactive video, animation and infographics.

Animation production Geneva

Wellcome to : smartcuts.ch

Smart Cuts is a video and animation Production Company based in Lausanne, Switzerland that produces quality,affordable content for the web, TV and live events. Smart Cuts offers interactive video, animation and infographics.

Animation production Lausanne

Animation production Geneva 

audiovisual production Lausanne

video production Lausanne

production vidéo Lausanne

video production Geneva

production vidéo Genève

production audiovisuelle Lausanne       


Asking “How much is a video production?” is like asking “How much is an airline ticket?” So much depends on so much. Send us a brief for an accurate quote now or take a look at our rates below.


We charge about 10 – 20% less than the industry standard in Switzerlan


Smart Cuts is well established on the video production scene in the Lake Geneva region. Created in 2008 to meet the growing demand for multimedia services, the firm's business model is designed to streamline costs without affecting quality. By combining fresh, creative energy with experienced management, we make Animation production Geneva

Video Smarts is a series on making use of video, rather than on making video. If you order video for your company or organization, this series will help you avoid pitfalls and get the most out of your video production agency.

Internet video intimidates lots of folks because there's so much technical jargon it's like an alien language. Fear not video enthusiasts!

I have compiled this helpful guide to help you wade through it all. This is the third in a multi part series that explains all the technical mumbo-jumbo you need to know in order to enjoy producing, sharing and watching Internet video files.

In this article, we're going to talk about the H.26L series of codecs developed jointly in a partnership of the Video Coding Experts Group, (VCEG) and MPEG, the Motion Picture Experts Group. MPEG) Those two groups based the H.26L series on earlier developmental work from the International Telecommunications Union based in Geneva, Switzerland.Animation production Geneva

The current version of the series, H.264, is an important element of many software applications. It is not a file format unto itself.

H.261 was the first version designed for transmission of video over Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) lines on which data rates are multiples of 64 kbit/s.

H.261 was considered a break-through technology. The basic processing unit of the design is called a macroblock, and H.261 was the first standard in which the macroblock concept appeared.

One advantage of H.261 was an effective post-processing technique that became a key element called the de-blocking filtering. This reduced the appearance of annoying block-shaped artifacts caused when motion is compressed. Such block-like pixilations are probably familiar to almost everyone who has watched digital video.

Deblocking filtering has since become an integral part of the most recent standard, H.264 (although even when using H.264, additional post-processing is still allowed and can enhance visual quality if performed well).

H.261 has become essentially obsolete, although it is still used as a backward-compatibility mode in some video conferencing systems and for some types of internet video. Animation production Geneva

H.263 is the second in this series designed by the ITU-T. H.263 came in 1996 as a low-bitrate compressed format for video conferencing and internet transmission.audiovisual Animation production LausanneThe next enhanced codec developed by this consortium is the H.264 standard, also known as AVC and MPEG-4 part 10. It was completed in May 2003. This version is the most up-to-date and H.264 provides a significant improvement beyond H.263. Most new videoconferencing products now include H.264 but remain compatible with H.263 and H.261 Animation production Geneva

Visit more information: http://smartcuts.ch/




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