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Starting with the basic eight-foot sheet of drywall, most contractors who does drywall metal stud framing in Lancaster horizontally, but there are some contractors working with metal stud framing who will install 10 foot sheets of drywall vertically.

Starting with the basic eight-foot sheet of drywall, most contractors who does drywall metal stud framing in Lancaster horizontally, but there are some contractors working with metal stud framing who will install 10 foot sheets of drywall vertically. The reason for the installation of the 10 foot sheets of drywall up and down or vertical in this scenario is very simple. Structural strength is not required in these walls because they are just dividing rooms and usually the drywall only needs to be finished up to 9 feet. This is when you can see the drywall runs vertically. In a wood framed house the drywall metal stud framing in Lancaster actually adds a little sheer value to the home itself.

The manufacturer would suggest that eight-foot sheet of drywall should be installed horizontally. The horizontal application of drywall implies installing the 4 foot side of the drywall up and down and the eight foot side of the drywall metal studs in Lancaster would be installed side to side.

What is the reason for installing the 4 x 8 sheets horizontally? When it comes to drywall finishing, the 4 foot seams which run up and down vertical will not be as noticeable as a seam which run up and down the whole wall.

Another reason why drywall should be installed horizontally is that there is a good chance that your eyes would be able to pick up four lines on the wall from the floor straight to the ceiling easily. On the walls of older homes, lines of the ceiling which is about 24 inches would be evident. This is as a result of the sagging of the plaster or drywall in between the ceiling joist.

It will be difficult to do anything about the line immediately the drywall has finished. The only alternative which you would have is to remove the ceiling and re-apply the drywall so as to finish it.

Lancaster metal studs drywall which runs vertically will tend to crack easier than staggered drywall which ran horizontally. The four foot section of drywall is stronger than the 8 foot section. If you stagger your drywall breaks, every foot will increase the strength of your wall as well.

Ensure you do not break the drywall at any door openings. This is because the door opening might crack easily from one corner and this will increase towards the ceiling. Make sure the drywall runs over the doorway and then cut the doorway out so as to leave the rough door opening during wallboard installation.

If you have come across drywall metal stud framing in Lancaster which was done by a professional crew the waste would be unbelievable. This is because drywall contractors do not want to revisit so as to patch cracks in the walls on many occasions after the completion of the project. It can be as a result of intensive labor installing scrap pieces of drywall versus using larger sheets to cover the same area. It is also essential to always remember that horizontal drywall is recommended by the manufacturer.


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