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I have come across several stories over the year regarding the benefits of using metal framing studs in Lancaster. It is also said that an entire house can be built with the recycled steel which is obtained from a large automobile like a Cadillac.

I have come across several stories over the year regarding the benefits of using metal framing studs in Lancaster. It is also said that an entire house can be built with the recycled steel which is obtained from a large automobile like a Cadillac. Although people may find this hard to believe, but it is possible if you are building a small home. My own favorite for framing is metal studs in Lancaster and this is because it is very straight. I have constructed nonbearing partition walls with the aid of 12 foot 3 ½ inch wide steel studs and after the drywall you can lay an 8 foot level so as to check it for straightness on the wall with outstanding results.

If 3 ½ inch wide steel studs with 5/8 of an inch drywall is used for Lancaster metal stud framing, you will get a durable and sturdy wall. The use of metal framing construction in Lancaster is very common in office renovations or remodeling and most of the steel wall framing is done through the drywall contractors. Whenever metal framing studs are used in Lancaster, you won’t have to worry about termite, because these little buggers and other uninvited house pests would not be able to damage your walls.

There are some people who also said that when metal framing studs are used for a building in Lancaster, such building will be resistant to fire and earthquake. They might be more resistant to fire when compared with wood, but note that when the metal is very hot, it would bend and you won’t be able to use them again.

Whenever people are discussing about fireproof buildings which are constructed with the aid of metal framing studs in Lancaster, I am of the opinion that other materials which are used for the other construction in the house are not resistant to fire. Do not have a false illusion whenever you are buying a house which is framed with metal studs in Lancaster because it might not be 100% fire proof.

As far as metal framing construction in Lancaster is concerned, it has a great resistance to earthquake which is another advantage of using it for the building purpose. The challenges with the earthquakes are that they seem to create fires. So even if your building does not survive an earthquake, it may get damaged by the occurrence of fire in the environment.

There are other framing materials which can be used in the construction of a building and they include:

Finger Jointed Studs

The finger jointed studs are made by cutting 2 x 4s up into short blocks, and then rejoining the blocks back from one end to the other so as to form the actual framing studs. The reason why they are better products is because the cutting of the wood would eliminate grains which may be running continuously along the length of the stud, and this stops warping and twisting.

Engineered Wood Floor Joists

There are various types of engineered floor and one of the most popular is referred to as j-joists or truss joists. They are made with thin pressed osb which has a thick plywood border strip on both the top and the bottom. It is very easy to install them, perfectly flat, so you do not need to crown them, and they can span longer distances.

New Engineered Metal Hardware

There are different kinds of metal hardware which can be installed in many areas during house framing. For instance, hurricane clips are installed on the outer perimeter of a home, on the top of the plates. They are either attached to the rafter or, the trusses on one end, and to the top plates on the other end so as to prevent the roof from blowing off whenever strong wind blows.


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