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The branded smart TVs come with advanced features that enhance the picture and sound quality. You can buy Google-certified Android TVs online to enjoy these features.

What is the first though that comes to your mind when you think of purchasing a high-end 55 inch 4k smart TV? People had been waiting for the big-screen experience, until the reputed companies came up with Google-certified Android TV. The perfect mix of visuals and audio quality ensures that you make the best of your entertainment hours. In case you are planning to buy a 55-inch smart TV, make sure to get it from a branded company. The reputed manufacturers have come up with several sophisticated products, and a concerned buyer would make the purchase online. This enables customers to check out the exact specifications and compare the products before finalizing the decision.

If you are ready to make your purchase, make sure your 55-inch Android TV comes with these features.

HDR picture quality

A high dynamic range TV enhances the overall experience of the viewers. The quality of picture largely depends on the interplay of light and shade in the resolution. With an accurate reproduction of these shades, the experience of viewing the programs get a higher dimension. The reputed brands have integrated this technology in the latest models of smart TVs. Have a look at the 55 inch ultra hd tv online to get a better idea of its specifications.

Micro dimming technology

Micro dimming is a sophisticated technology that the TC manufacturers are incorporating in the latest high-end models. Through this technology, the on-screen content gets evaluated across multiple zones. The television automatically adjusts the level of brightness and darkness separately in each of these zones. As a result, the viewers get a fantastic view of the programs. The picture quality becomes more vivid, when your TV set comes integrated with this feature.

Endless plethora of entertainment

Entertainment lovers must be careful while getting their smart TVs customized. On choosing the right model, they can get an endless plethora of entertainment on their sets. Buy a Google-certified smart TV, where you can enjoy an extensive library of drama series, movies, cartoons, sports and much more. The reputed brands deliver sophisticated models that can cater to the entertainment cravings of people of different age groups within a family. Besides, you can also hey a complete suite of Google services, personalized for you and your family on these sets.

64 Bit Quad Core

Heavy users of television must be familiar with multitasking on television sets. In order to do away with the possibilities of non-responsive situations while carrying out more than one task on the TV, make sure that your smart TV comes with a 64-Bit Quad core. The leading brands have come up with TV sets that have 16 GB of storage space and 2.5 GB RAM, that complements multitasking on the sets. With the right smart TV at your home, you can enjoy an unparalleled experience and entertainment.

When you buy an android smart tv, look out for the Google voice search feature. This smart technology will deliver you a hands-free experience. You can look out for the top-rated products online and make your purchase.


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