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What Are The Key Features Of The Best 4K UHD TV?
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The latest 4k led smart tv from TCL offer unique features and technologies that enhance the overall picture-viewing experience. This includes Smart Sound, Dynamic Picture Enhancement, True Color Feature, and much more.

When looking for the best 4k uhd TV, it is important that you consider the features and technologies offered. The latest Ultra High Definition (UHD) televisions come with technologies which are unmatched in their segment. They reproduce striking picture details in all natural colors. The screens stand out for their 3840 x 2160-pixel resolution that is capable of upgrading even 2K picture to 4K. One of the unique features about these TVs is their slim size. They measure just 7.9mm in thickness with a bezel just 4.8mm thick. It can bring to life even lower quality streamed/stored content. The combination of UHD and smart TV technology, brings all the control in the user’s hands while getting access to the best-possible picture quality.

Key Features of UHD Smart TV

TCL Corporation offers 4k uhd smart tv in screen sizes including 43 inches, 50 inches, and 55 inches. The key features of its smart TV series are as following.

Smart Sound

The latest televisions feature the unique Smart Sound technology that automatically detects the channels and programs. It adjusts sounds whenever you switch between different channels or programs. For example, if you switch between movies and sports programs, it will adjust the sound to emit optimal audio.

Dynamic Picture Enhancement

These latest smart TVs have Dynamic Picture Enhancement feature, which is considered the most sophisticated video processing chip-based technology of its kind. It helps provide the following results in picture viewing experience:

  •          Dynamic Contract control balances dark and bright objects to deliver real screen reproduction
  •          Dynamic color gathering that displays original skin tone
  •          Dynamic Blue and Black level stretching system helps deliver real world effects on the screen

True Color Feature

TCL has introduced its latest True Color feature to its range of 4k led smart tv. This unique LED backlight technology emits white LED backlight that boosts dynamic contrast and gamut of color.

Interactive User Interface

The TV+ Launcher allows you to access endless online video content. All the 4K televisions from the brand feature dual-core CPU and GPU-based hardware for flawless experience. Besides, your television will automatically get updated to the current edition, embracing the latest technology upgrades.

Play Multimedia Content from USB Devices

Your 4K TV can be connected to multimedia player USB. It supports all the major audio/video formats. This allows you to view all types of multimedia content with a real-life picture experience. Its supports much more than MP4, AVI, MPEG4, MKV and H.264. It supports all the latest coding systems.

T-Cast Feature

T-Cast is another feature unique to TCL 4k smart tv. Get total control over your television using your smartphone. Capture screenshots of your favorite moments and share with your friends on your social media accounts. This feature also allows you to view sports, movies or other content to and fro between your mobile device and the big screen. This further allows you to view your content from anywhere in your home.

There are many more smart features including Audio-Only, WiFi Display, and others that make the 4k uhd smart tv series such a great innovation from the brand. These latest televisions also come with unique physical features such as fast heat ventilation, lighting protection, moisture-proof, and multi-voltage tolerance to make them sturdier than ever.


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