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Glorious saga is a popular game without the limitation of turn-based battles, each hero also has own unique target in battle.

Have a great day for this good News! Instantfuns’ new game “ Glorious Saga RPG” is coming soon, You may care to note the site – gs.instantfuns.com. We are excited to launch Close Beta of Glorious on Tuesday Oct 9, 2017.

To celebrate Hot Lanunch of Glorious Saga RPG, we have provided few amazing event. Wish you all have a happy time in game.

glorious saga RPG

Event 1: Clear Stage Rwards
[Event Time]3 days since the server lanunched
[Event Content]Clear Stage to claim rewards
[How to Claim] Tap “New Server Ranking Race” - “Clear Stage Rewards”to claim rewards 

Event 2: Khorium Pool
[Event Time]2 days since the server lanunched
[Event Content]Invest Khorium and obtain lots of khorium as rebate 
[How to Claim] Tap “New Server Ranking Race” - “Khorium Pool” to claim the reward.

Event 3: 7 Day Rankings Race
[Event Time]7 days since the server lanunched
[Event Content]Players who make into the rankings can obtain Luxury Giftpack as rewards.
[How to Claim] Giftpack will be sent via mail after events ends.

Event 4: VIP Rewards
[Event Time]server lanunch day
[Event Content]New Server First Day VIP Rewards
[How to Claim] Tap “New Server Ranking Race” - “VIP Rewards” to claim the reward.

Event 5: 7 Day Total Top-up
[Event Time]7 days since the server lanuched
[Event Content]Top-up total reach designated amount to claim super gift
[How to Claim] Tap “New Server Ranking Race” - “7 Day Total Top-up” to claim the reward.

Event 6: Limit Giftpack
[Event Time]7 days since the server lanuched
[Event Content]players can purchase the following giftpacks once. Don’t miss it. 
[How to Buy] Tap “New Server Ranking Race” - “Limit Giftpack” to buy the giftpack.

Event 7: Daily Limit
[Event Time]7 days since the server lanuched
[Event Content]players can purchase the following giftpacks daily. Don’t miss it. 
[How to Buy] Tap “New Server Ranking Race” - “Limit Giftpack” to buy the giftpack.

Event 8: New Sever Rune Upgrade Race 
[Event Time]7 days since the server lanuched
[Event Content]Players upgrading rune can obtain points and obtain rewards according to final rankings (each day).
[How to Claim] Rewards sent to mail automatically.

Event 9: Super Discount Pack
[Event Time]7 days since the server lanuched
[Event Content]players can purchase the following giftpack. Don’t miss it. 
[How to Buy] Tap “Rune Race” - “Super Discount Pack” to buy the giftpack.

Event 10: Timed 1st Top-up Giftpack
[Event Time]3 hours since the server lanuched 
[Event Content]Top-up within 3 hours to obtain 1st top-up Giftpack worth $320, BONUS obtain:Limit Edistion Medal- Economical
[How to Buy] Tap “Limited Pack” to buy the giftpack.
glorious saga RPG
Commander, the war started already in Glorious Saga RPG! Come join us now!
PC site: https://pc.gs.instantfuns.com/    
Mobile site: https://h5.gs.instantfuns.com/ 
Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/GloriousSaga/ 


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