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Keeping a few tips and tricks up your sleeve on Foods and Supplements to recover from a sports injury which is of utmost important and you do have the ability to usher its recovery better by.

Injuries are a part of the game when it comes to talking about athletes and sportsperson. But it can also easily be said that sitting on the sidelines, while watching others play due to their injury, is something that no sportsperson wants to go through.

A lot of time and patience is needed when it comes to helping these injuries heal properly without the fear of it relapsing. "Luckily, there are certain foods and supplements available that can speed up this recovery process to quite a good extent," stated our sports nutritionist in Delhi. So why not have a look at these very foods/supplements?

  • Foods aka Fruits and Vegetables rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the main nutrient present in your body that helps you produce collagen. Collagen in turn, helps your body maintain the quality of your skin, bones and muscles and even tendons. So when injured, each and every athlete should learn to include foods rich in Vitamin C in their daily intake.

Another amazing benefit of including Vitamin C in one’s diet, is that it helps prevent and control inflammation, which in turn will also speed up the recovery process considerably. Try to add foods like citrus fruits, kiwi, tomatoes, bell peppers, papayas and even mangoes to the diet to help with the healing process of the body.

  • Protein Rich Foods

It is a common knowledge that protein happens to be one of the most important building block for a lot of tissues in our body. This includes the muscles as well. Sometimes, after specific injuries, the injured part of the body, might just become immobile. As a result of this, the injured area starts to lose muscle mass as well as strength.

This is where protein rich foods come to the rescue. Foods that are rich in protein help tremendously when it comes to preventing this muscle loss and the loss of strength too. Protein, like Vitamin C, also help prevent inflammation, thus aiding the process of healing. So try to add protein into the diet from sources like tofu, beans, nuts, fish, meat and the likes, but remember to spread out the food over 4 meals in a day, instead of having it all in one go!

  • Vitamin D and Calcium

Calcium should make up an important part of a person’s diet, since both calcium and Vitamin D, needed to absorb calcium are important for bone and even teeth health. Did you know that calcium also happens to be brilliant when it comes to helping he nerves signal better?

Eating calcium and vitamin D rich food should not only be done when one is suffering from an injury, it should be something that one includes in their daily diet. Dairy products, almonds, broccoli, and even tofu consists of calcium, and are things that can easily be included in everyone’s daily diets without any problems. Also try to get enough sunlight, since with the help of sunlight, your body too is able to produce Vitamin D by itself.

Recovering from a sports injury is of utmost importance, and though you may not be able to keep your body from getting injured, but you do have the ability to usher its recovery better by keeping a few tips and tricks up your sleeve.


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