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The Leatherstrop Barbershop is a barber shop in Waukesha, WI captures the classic feeling of a close shave & smart haircut in a friendly atmosphere.

The old adage ‘look good feel good’ is never more true than in the hair industry. When a person sees you from a distance the first thing they will notice is your hair and your clothes. With first impressions counting so much around our everyday lives, be it business or personal, having a well-groomed head of hair is a must.


Everyone loves to save money, be you a pauper or a king. So, when it comes to getting a haircut, something that you will have to repeat again at some point, there is a temptation to go for the cheapest option. And don’t get me wrong you will get a haircut, it may even be a good haircut. But it won’t be a great haircut.

The problem with this is the difference between a good haircut and a great haircut is sometimes difficult to see. Its the small details that will make you stand out. These are the small details that will be missed in a low-priced barber. Here there is an incentive to get as many people through as possible so that they can make a good wage. Whereas in a higher end barbers the pay is enough that they will take their time, making sure that every follicle is in order and every rebel hair has been removed.

As you extend up the price range you will begin to come across people with a passion for hair. They keep up with new trends, old looks and new techniques not just because of the pay, but also because its something that makes them happy.


In the same way that a barman is not just a man who sells you drinks, a barber is not just a man who cuts your hair. He is selling an experience. With some haircuts taking 1 hour plus it would be a dull time without good conversation. Getting your haircut is not like going to the dentist, you are supposed to enjoy yourself.

Higher priced barbers have begun to create a ‘character’ for their shop. This adds to the overall feeling that your haircut has been a unique experience and adds to that new hair feeling. Also, if you are going to be sat in a chair for an extended period of time comfort is very important.

How to get the best cut for you

Many assume that the haircut is a one-way street. But to give you the best haircut, you must first be able to communicate this to your barber. Research the hair you are looking to get and even bring samples. Also, never be shy. If you feel there is something off with your cut, let your barber know so that he knows what to watch for the next time.

I cannot stress the importance of good hair enough. It makes you look good and it makes you feel good. It opens new avenues in your life. Hair is nothing to be cheaping out on.

If you are searching for a Hair Cut Waukesha there are many great ones to choose from. All offer the salon services listed above. Make sure you find a Hair Salon Waukesha you like and find easy to talk to.

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