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YANGON, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- The Myanmar authorities have removed a bomb threat at the Yangon International Airport, according to local police on Tuesday.


The four suspected soft-drink bottles found on Tuesday morning at Terminal-1 of the airport are not chemical bombs, and they are filled with some traditional liquid medicine, the police said.


The bottles put in a green plastic bag and left on a desk near the ticket counter of Terminal-1 were found at about 9:30 a.m. local time by an airline staff member.


The bottles are filled with concentrated liquid in yellow color.


A series of explosions caused by home-made chemical bombs had occurred in Yangon regional government office, two giant retailers and South Dagon township Immigration office during this month.


Three suspects who were involved in two blasts at Yangon regional government office building have been arrested on Nov. 26, with materials used for making chemical bombs.


ADDIS ABABA leBron 11 homme pas cher , Ethiopia, May 30 (Xinhua) -- A newly discovered fossil in Ethiopia dated back to 3.3 to 3.5 million years said to add new face to human family tree.


An international team of scientists conducting paleontological field research in the Woranso-Mille area of the Afar region of Ethiopia has announced the discovery of a 3.3. to 3.5 million-year- old new human ancestor species.


The new species was found in central part of Afar region of Ethiopia about 520 km northeast of Addis Ababa by the team led by Dr. Yohannes Haile-Selassie, Curator at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.


The Team has named the new species, Australophiticus Deyiremeda leBron 11 graffiti pas cher , and its name 'deyiremeda' means 'close relative' in the language spoken by the Afar people who live in the area of the discovery.


The new fossil specimens were found about 50 km north of Hadar a site of Lucy, Australopithecus afarensis is a species of hominid whose fossil dated to between 3.9 and 2.9 million years ago, and which was discovered in 1974.


Yonas Desta, Director General of the Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage of Ethiopia (ARCCH) leBron 11 all star pas cher , told Xinhua on Saturday that the new finding gives another evidence to see the other perspective that there was another species living alongside the species of Lucy.


"The value or the new information revealed is better understanding of what was happening 3.3 to 3.5. million years of age now we have a physical evidence to argue there was another more species living alongside the afarensis family where Lucy had lived," said the Director General.


The holotype upper jaw and paratype lower jaws were recovered in areas locally known as Burtele and Waytaleyta, located in the Mille District Zone 1 of the Afar Regional State, said the statement jointly issues by ARCCH leBron 10 ironman 3 pas cher , the research team, and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.


Scientists have long argued that there was only one pre-human species at any given time between 3 and 4 million years ago, subsequently giving rise to another new species through time.


This was what the fossil record appeared to indicate until the end of the 20th century, said the statement.


However leBron 10 canary pas cher , the naming of Australopithecus bahrelghazali from Chad, and Kenyanthropus platyops from Kenya, both from the same period as Lucy's species Australopithecus afarensis, challenged this long-idea leBron 13 pas cher , it said.


Dr. Yohannes said the new species from Ethiopia is yet another confirmation that Lucy's species, Australophiticus afarensis, was not the only potential human ancestor species that roamed in what is now the Afar region of Ethiopia.


"Current fossil evidence from the Woranso-Mille study area clearly shows that there were at least two, if not three leBron 12 pas cher , early human species living at the same time and in close geographic proximity," he said.


"This new species from Ethiopia takes the ongoing debate on early hominin diversity to another level," said Dr. Yohannes.


"The new species is distinguished from the contemporaneous Australopithecus afarensis both in terms of the morphology and size of its thick-enameled teeth and the architecture of its jaw, indicating that it probably had a dietary adaptation different from that of the contemporaneous Australopithecus afarensis."


CHICAGO leBron 11 pas cher , June 26 (Xinhua) -- The family of a slain Uber driver has sued Walmart, where their son's attacker stole a machete and a knife for the early morning killing.


Grant Nelson's family filed suit in a Cook County court Monday against Walmart and two companies that handled security for the retailer's store in suburban Chicago, the Chicago Tribune reported.


The attacker, a 16-year-old girl leBron 10 pas cher , stole the machete and the knife from a Walmart in Skokie about 3 a.m. May 30, then got into Nelson's car and hacked and stabbed him moments into the ride.


Nelson later died of his wounds after giving police a description of the attacker that led to the arrest of the attacker, who was charged as an adult with first-degree murder.


The lawsuit accused the Walmart's security contractors of negligence because they failed to stop and question the girl when she left the store carrying the weapons without paying.


Two Walmart employees or contractors were standing immediately in front of the door as the attacker walked out, claimed the victim's family in the lawsuit documents.


"We feel strongly that Walmart had an obligation to stop this young person at 3 in the morning who had been walking around in their store with an 18-inch machete and 5-inch hunting knife and didn't purchase them and ... no one did anything to stop her leBron 12 elite pas cher ," the family's lawyer was quoted as saying.


But Walmart insisted in a statement that its associates "acted properly," including alerting third party security for a possible shoplifting incident.


Walmart added they "will respond appropriately with the court."


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