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Prevent Abuse

Request your friends and other relatives to visit you often
Open your mail personally
Never sign anything unless it was reviewed by someone that you trust
Always review your will once in a while
Coordinate so that your pension or Social Security check be deposited directly to your bank account than being sent by mail
Pay attention. Be wary and look out for signals that might point towards abuse
Call your loved one as frequently as possible
Visit your loved one often and make certain that she is well taken cared of
Always be open to your loved one, taking the time to always talk to her and assure her that you are there to help and can be trusted
Get permission to periodically look into your loved ones bank accounts as well as credit card statements for unauthorized withdrawals or transactions
Keep and continue contacts with friends and neighbors
Work out on a buddy system with other elders in the home
Be active socially, do not be in isolation
Protest and speak up if you are not happy or contented with the way your caregiver or other family member treats you. Tell somebody

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