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Why was My Yahoo Account Blocked?
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Yahoo is one of those platforms which have given its users with immense advantages and mailing benefits.

Often when Yahoo speculates suspicious activities in the account, it leads to a situation where the platform blocks one's account. In order to protect it from bugs and other malicious practices it temporarily blocks it. The accounts which are flagged with spam similar actions or questionable sending rules are denied with the access of the account. To solve it the user needs to follow the following instructions:

Why was the Account Blocked?

The first question which arises in the mind of the user is that, why was their account blocked? The following can be the reasons why the user faced denial of the access to the account.

  • The user might be sending many emails in a brief time.
  • The user might be sending fake information in the email frequently.
  • The user might be sending 1 or more emails to a massive number of receivers.

How to Quickly Remove the Account Blocking

The user can follow the following steps to unlock their account in Yahoo:

  • The user first needs to eliminate POP and IMAP settings and options from the email client platform.
  • Shut the multiple instances of the Yahoo mail login.
  • Reverse the entrance of the third party applications and software.
  • Clean the cache of the browser and open the Yahoo mail again.

These are the few steps which the user can take while they their account has been blocked. Even if after this, the account remains blocked then they can contact the helpline service of Yahoo support or directly contact the professionals via Yahoo online chat support.


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