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A wristwatch with a commanding presence that has the appropriate dimensions and looks of a perfect sports watch.

Tissot T- Sport PRS 516 Chronograph Automatic T100.427.36.201.00 Men’s WatchTissot T- Sport PRS 516 Chronograph Automatic T100.427.36.201.00 Men’s Watch gives the aura and presence when it is worn with the proper attire. An impact creator for the onlookers, it has a 42mm large dial with a thickness of 12.9mm. A really thick and chunky piece for the man who demands attention. It has a sporty look with its carbon black color. A highly priced watch like other Tissot watches it really has a stunning look that will gather admirers around it.

The distinctive features of Tissot T- Sport PRS 516 Chronograph Automatic T100.427.36.201.00 Men’s Watch are the bezel and the shape. The very model has a woven textured bezel that gives it a natural beauty. The shape of the case, hands and other details are kept distinct with the vintage designs. The black color speaks more of boldness and modern times with an accented blue in the second’s hand. The tachymeter measures the speed and the hour markers and the hour hands are luminous. The extra wide face of the watch makes it legible enough and also the case is protected by crystal sapphire glass, which is scratchproof, made with great aristocracy the black dial makes a visual mark when the hour and second hands and the sub dials all has a three dimensional effect under the sunlight and makes it look like floating within the plain black ring.

The power reserve of Tissot T-Sport PRS 516 Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch is almost of 80 hours, once fully winded. The watch has “noble simplicity and quiet grandeur” that is eminent, convincing and very beautiful. A bit of a dark horse for your personality and aura are revealed with the attire, and the accessories that you wear and watch is something, which creates an impact on the onlooker. Though the effect is more subtle when seen in gentler light, you will feel the reflection of the style of the watch more prominently in slanting sunlight.

This model has been upgraded for a more sporty and retro look at the same time, with the bi-comp ax chronograph. We cannot neglect to mention the car and racing association attached to the Tissot PRS 516. Racing and chronographs go together like, say, blue and black, and there are a couple of relevant design elements for the car enthusiast to enjoy: the chronograph pushers are apparently inspired by car engine pistons, the strap has holes to evoke a steering wheel of that style, and the simple automatic rotor is also obviously automotive in theme. Those pushers in particular are a nice touch.

Bottom line: A wristwatch with a commanding presence that has the appropriate dimensions and looks of a perfect sports watch. A watch in the high priced bracket is from the house of the one of the major Swiss wristwatch brand called Tissot Watches Online. The presence is brought about with the carbon black color tones and gravity of the color makes it commanding.


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