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TCM Adaptogen Warehouse has been known for a long time as the producer of health products. Pine Pollen Powder, Tongkat Ali, and Black Polyrachis Ant Extract to enhance the immune system and boost energy.

TCM Adaptogen Warehouse as a leading producer of herb products to help people to get back their stamina and improve their immune system. Recently, the company has introduced its brand new healthy products made of three different powerful materials. The products are claimed to have benefits if they are consumed regularly. With exceptionally wonderful ingredients which have been proven historically and scientifically, the products are the new idol in a herb industry.

The first product introduced by TCM Adaptogen Warehouse to customers is Pine Pollen Powder. The ingredient has been known for a long time as an adaptogen. It means that the ingredient can help the consumers to build better resistance to avoid stress. The material is rich of various useful compounds such as a vitamin, minerals, enzymes, trace elements, all essential amino acids, phytosterol, beta – glucan and much more. The herb product is used to increase immune system and release pressure.


The second herb product created by TCM Adaptogen Warehouse is a Tongkat Ali extract. Tongkat Ali is a very popular ingredient and has been widely used in some countries in Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore for a long time. Every part of this herb can be used as a medicine. However, the main part of the herb that is mostly used as traditional medicine is the root. Tongkat Ali’s root is beneficial to enhance energy, as well as acts as a tonic and aphrodisiac.

Another product from the TCM Adaptogen Warehouse is Black Ant Extract. In ancient China, there was a kind of edible ant called as “Xuan Ju”. The animal is kind of black ant with a lot of benefits include increased longevity and a tonic to increase sexuality. The ant is a rich source of vitamins B1, B2, B12, vitamin D, calcium, zinc, iron, etc.

Pine Pollen is a potent overall tonic to the body and its functioning, powerful nutritive and exceptionally effective androgen which raises testosterone levels in the blood and balances the androgen/estrogen ratio,” Stephen Buhner, the writer of Pine Pollen, Ancient Medicine for a New Millennium.

About TCM Adaptogen Warehouse

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Adaptogen Warehouse is a company that specializes in producing herbal extract powder to satisfy the customers and helps them to get the best benefits from the herb products provided. All of the products available, come with an affordable price that almost everyone can afford to have them.

Some of the company’s most popular products include pine pollen which is not only available in powder, but also extracts, tablets, and capsules. Other health products that the customers can get from the company are herbs to increase testosterone production (tongkat ali, horny goat weed, and sting nettle), medicinal mushroom extracts (chaga, shiitake, reishi, maitake, and cordyceps), and adaptogenic herbs (astragalus root, rhodiola rosea, schisandra chinensis, gynostemma pentaphyllum, and much more). Please visit TCM Adaptogen Warehouse at http://www.pinepollentablet.com/


TCM Adaptogen Warehouse Co., Limited

Contact: Charles Dong

Email: info@tcmadaptogen.com

Web: www.pinepollentablet.com

Phone: +8613669197791



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