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There are numerous health benefits of Olive oil on the human health and that's why it should be a regular ingredient for your daily diet. Ergo, do read about what amazing benefits Olive oil provides.

There are numerous health benefits of Olive oil on the human health and that's why it should be a regular ingredient for your daily diet. The low cholesterol cooking oil keeps you healthy, fit and proactive for longer years in comparison to a regular oil.

The Mediterranean people are known for their brilliant physique and ingenious diet. One of the primary ingredients they use is Olive oil. And now the oil that was extensively used in Mediterranean diets is found in households in every corner of the world. Olive oil, popularly regarded as the ‘Liquid Gold’, consists of some wonderful properties that make your food healthier and tastier than any other oil. With a variety of styles that includes the likes of Virgin, Extra Virgin, Pomace and Refined among others. Speaking about Olive oil, the low cholesterol cooking oil will be a valuable addition to your diet. To know do how have a look at the following pieces of information.

Copious Amounts of Antioxidants

The presence of antioxidants helps to battle both acute as well as chronic diseases (prostate and colon cancer). It also impedes cardiovascular diseases from occurring. This was about prevention but if speaking about the impact, antioxidants improve cognitive health, enhance your immunity and also your vision. All this can be achieved with regular intake of Olive oil.

For a Stronger Heart

The ageing process of your heart coincides with your normal ageing process. As you grow older your heart gradually weakens making it vulnerable to possible attacks. Regular consumption of Olive oil keeps your heart fit and slows down its ageing process. Since its rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), the arterial functions among the older lot could be considerably improved. The oil has the ability to control the good cholesterol (HDL) and the bad cholesterol (LDL) levels keeping your heart young, strong and delimiting the occurrence of strokes.

Strengthens the Bones

‘It fights Osteoporosis’ is what experts say about Olive oil- one major reason you need Olive oil for cooking. People after turning 40, observe a lot of changes in their health as it starts declining. The one major change which particularly affects the body is the weakening of the bones. This decrease in bone density is characterised by Osteoporosis. As per research conducted through the years, it was found out that regular consumption of Olive oil positively affected the bones’ thickness. For ageing women, Olive oil helps to fight postmenopausal Osteoporosis and maintains the calcium, MDA, ALP and nitrate levels.

Keeps Obesity at Bay

Everyone dreams of a utopian world where he/she can ‘eat as much without getting fat’. Even though that may not be possible for everyone but partly it can be deemed that way with the help of Olive oil. If consumed in the right amounts, Olive oil closes all the gates for the extra fat to congregate on your body. Forget obesity, it doesn’t let you even become overweight.

Apart from these, there are several other benefits for your health that Olive oil provides, thus you should always go for the best olive oil and never compromise for your health. Are you a regular consumer of Olive oil? If yes, do share with us what all health related changed you observed over the course.


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