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Natural latex pillow, mattress, topper, & Get The best Latex Foam manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Germany. I offer you a wide range. Contact us now!



LATEXFOAM.TECHNOLOGY - Supplier of latest latex foam production and manufacturing machinery


latex foam manufacturing

natural latex pillow

natural latex mattress

natural latex topper



You  are  searching  for  an  effective  and  modern  latex  foam  production  process  for  pillows,  mattresses  and  toppers  with  the  latest  state-of-the-art  equipment?  fashioned  systems  bothering  your  mind  and  you  prefer  to  use  a  new  manufacturing  process  to  develop  new  products  for  your  customers  with  additional  ergonomic features and benefits ?    


  I offer you a wide range of consultancy and support in this special industry.


 Let me tell you my story:


1986  I  jumped  into  the  bedding  industry  when  Japanese  futons  become  popular  in  Germany.  I  started  a  small  production  of  these  new  “mattresses”  and  grow continuously  during  the  next  years.  Soon  a  lot  of  people  asked  for  more  comfort  in  this  simple  and  firm  cotton  mats  and  accordingly  I  started  to  add  a  latex  foam sheet in the middle of the futons. First 2 cm, later 6 cm and at the end I found myself making a 10 cm latex foam mattress with some fibres on top.


latex foam manufacturing


1996  I  made  my  first  trip  to  Asia  to  investigate  more  in  natural  latex  foam  because  the  European  bedding  industry  at  that  time  don’t  care  much  about  difference  between  synthetic  and  natural  sources.  That  trip  was  my  personal  vocation!  Back  in  Germany  together  with  the  ECO  Institute  in  Cologne  I  founded  “Quality Association for Environmentally-Agreeable Latex Mattresses .e.V. =  (QuL e.V.).


Beginning  2000  I  joined  a  company  in  Bremen  (Dames-Willers  GmbH)  which  was  already  engaged  in  latex  foam  businesses  such  as  import  and  export  of  pillows and mattress cores, machinery supply and other activities.


During the next 13 years, amongst other, I was responsible for the budgeting, planning, export and erection of 3 latex foam production plants:-


2003 Sri Lanka

2006 Indonesia



After  finishing  the  first  project  in  Sri  Lanka  in  2003  (which  was  still  based  on  steam  vulcanization)  I  invented  a  „process  for  vulcanizing  and  apparatus therefore”  (DE10338367)  based  on  high-frequency  heating  and  special  designed  moulds.  This  process  revolutionized  the  DUNLOP  process  dramatically  (read more  at:  BACKGROUND  and  TECHNOLOGY).  The  factory  in  Indonesia  was  the  first  in  the  world  which  was  equipped  with  this  new  production  process.  A  years later we equipped a new factory in Guatemala with two separate production lines, one for pillows and another one for mattress cores.


Since 2013 I am working as free and independent consultant, entrepreneur and inventor.  


Visit For More Information :-  http://www.latexfoam.de/



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