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What's the one thing that +99 ATAR achievers have that other student's lack? Motivation! This is the key ingredient to a successful academic year. Without it, you ...






There are core skills that the best students master to give themselves an ATAR advantage. We have developed our courses and tools in conjunction with 99+ ATAR students to give you these skills that will make your study and exam techniques more effective and efficient while allowing you to manage your time and stress.

So whether you want to know how to get an ATAR that will get you into the university course of your dreams, get back your motivation, stop procrastinating or just want to be less stressed and more effective in your studies we are here to help you achieve your ATAR goals.


Learn kick ass strategies that stop you from leaving everything to the ‘last minute’ resulting in better school performances.



Without clear goals, achieving awesome results becomes more difficult. Develop a clear ‘why’ so that you have a clear purpose behind your efforts to achieve your dream ATAR.



Develop a sustained level of commitment throughout the academic year with simple but effective motivation strategies that keep you going.



Avoid the perils of burnout and stress by implementing a range of recommended health measures proven to ease the weight of academic pressures.



Assignments, homework, revision, exams…so much to do in so little time! Get your approach right so that you maximise time and study smarter.



Become a memory master. From retaining content to recalling the right information in exams, expand your memory using our effective techniques.



From note taking to active listening, make sure you’re approach to studying is on point so don’t work ‘harder’ than you need to.



Access in-depth recommendations from 99+ ATAR students on the specifics of how to approach multiple choice, short answer and long response questions.



How to Stay Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like Studying

Aristotle Onassis once said, “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”

Sometimes finding the motivation to study or finish that crucial assignment can seem nearly impossible. These dark moments of frustration are often caused by the stress of dealing with a massive workload, lack of time or interest in the subject matter – not to mention the myriad of other distractions in your life.

Ultimately, this can negatively impact your academic year and the chances of getting a good ATAR score.

But how do you get motivated to study when it feels like the odds are against you? Here are some of the different ways to get motivated and sustain that motivation throughout the academic year.

What Motivates You?

Different students have different motivating factors driving them to succeed.

Some students are motivated by the desire to get good grades or be accepted into university, while others are motivated by a genuine interest in the subject matter or desire to learn new skills. Of course, people do certain things for a wide range of reasons, so these motivating factors often overlap.

One popular theory that explores the motivation behind the choices people make is the Self-Determination Theory (SDT). Developed by Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, the theory sets out two types of motivators – intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is based on a personal desire devoid of outside influence. If you’ve ever been so engaged in a subject that you have kept reading beyond the required literature, then you had an innate desire to learn – regardless of your school grades.

Below are some of the different intrinsic motivators that can help you study:

  •           Learning a new skill or developing an existing skill
  •           Overcoming a tough challenge
  •           Stimulates their curiosity to learn more
  •           Improving your health or general wellbeing
  •           Expressing yourself creatively


More information:- http://band6.com.au/5-motivation-tips/


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