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A restaurant is so much more than just its food. Food is important, but it is also about managing the restaurant. Running a restaurant is equivalent to running a business and for any business you need a consultation. So to get the business running smooth and just right, you need to avail services like – restaurant consultation and management from professionals like Ribbon Consulting. The company launches new and improved F&B (Food and Beverage) ventures to help you with your business planning. The services offered by the company include – business planning and feasibility studies, concept development, menu development, supply chain management, real estate selection and analysis, project management and execution, on-going operational management and various ancillary services like - Local Government and Food Authorities Liaison, Franchising Advisory and Support Services, Expansion Advisory and Support Services, Overhaul of Underperforming Businesses and Performance Consultation. Of these services, a very popular Ribbon Consulting service is menu development. In fact, Ribbon Consulting provides ideas for menu design Dubai is proud of. Such menu development services include the concepts of - Chief Recruitment, Menu Development, Menu Tasting and Finalization, Recipe and Market List Finalization and finally Food Costing. The various projects undertaken by Ribbon Consulting include - Prax’s, Last Resort, Gursha, Coppasta, Kauai, Breathe Café, Rostidor, Staxx and many more. Love Mansukhani is the founder and Ribbon Consulting. He is a well-known restaurant developer, operator, and business manager. He did his studies of business administration from Switzerland and spent considerable amount of time across the world, learning and gaining experience in US, Australia, France, Germany, Spain and the UK. There he mastered his skills of business management and the hospitality industry. He then returned to the UAE to set up this company which has now for 6 years. He has had a hospitality experience of 15 years. The company’s website links you to a blog which has interesting and informative insights on restaurants and restaurant management, in all aspects. There one can get hold of topics of discussions like - Efficient Kitchen Waste Management System, ways to Step up your Restaurant Food Delivery Game, Importance of Interior Design in Restaurants, etc. Interior designing of restaurants is in fact a very important criterion to ensure a lucrative restaurant income. This is because the restaurant if aesthetically pleasing will lure in more and more people inside and more than often, people recommend a restaurant if they are impressed with not just what they ate but also what they saw. So, the Ribboneers bring you ideas of some of the best restaurant interior design Dubai has seen.


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