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The music industry is one of the most diverse industries. Not only does it provide employment to millions across different jobs but it is also one of the most satisfying and lucrative creative jobs if you can make a name for yourself.

There are many ways of entering the music industry. You can learn making music yourself and then approach studios to record and release it, you can go to networking events and make contacts through which you hope to get your first break, you can join internships and get on hand experience which is very necessary for getting a job etc.

The industry is becoming competitive day by day. For technicians and music producers who work behind the scenes, getting recognized requires a lot of hard and smart work. You have to keep improving your skills as there is always a replacement for you in hand.

Music producers and live sound engineers are the most coveted positions. Not only they pay well and have a plethora of job opportunities, but they also include a lot of travel so you get to see a lot of places sometimes free of cost.

Pro sound engineering course includes both live sound and studio sound engineering. It gives one the complete knowledge one can have about sound. A live sound engineer has to face the fast paced adrenaline rush of concerts while a studio sound engineer sits in his quiet studio searching for the perfect sound. On spot decision making is a skill a live sound engineer has to perfect. One mistake becomes very prominent while a studio sound engineer has enough time to correct his mistakes.

Both are different from each other. Mixing desks in a live situation is different from its studio counterpart.

You will learn through practical and theory classes everything about sound ranging from fundamentals, sound principles, dynamics, reverberation, equalizing, surround sound, mastering, mixing techniques etc. to studio equipment like microphones, monitors, cables, analog board, stage management, live venue calibration, mike placement techniques, MIDI, hardware & software configuration etc.

Apart from making music inside his studio, a producer has lots of work outside the studio such as meetings, attending rehearsals, writing sessions, going out to shows etc. As a producer you contribute with engineering, playing, writing, arranging, mixing and mastering. A strong foundation and wide practical knowledge is required for that.

Starting from music theory which will help build musical base by concentrating on composition and tuning systems, you’ll also learn different types of instruments, voice techniques, operation of DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) like Pro Tools, FL Studio, Ableton Cubase as well as 3rd party plugins that go with them.

Course curriculum includes topics like keyboard and percussion, harmonization, syncopation, music writing, special effects, sampling, compression, mastering, equalization and many more.

There is lot to learn. Joining a professional institute and mastering these skills pays a lot in the long term.

MMI or Mumbai Music Institute is one of the best premier music institute in Mumbai. It offers some of the best music courses in Mumbai and is reputed for its sound engineering courses in India.

Visit www.mumbaimusicinstitute.com for more details.



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