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TV replays supported that assessment yet no technology was available to official Ovidiu Hategan as the Video Assisted Referee (VAR) System which is currently being trialled in several leagues was not deployedSunday's goalless draw in Basel led to more argument as Northern Ireland considered the Maplestory 2 Mesos implications of being denied a place in their first World Cup finals since 1986."In the days of video referees, why wouldn't you overturn that decision?" said former


Northern Ireland striker Iain Dowie on Sky Sports. "It was horrendous and yet it is people's livelihoods at stake."Although FIFA president Gianni Infantino is pushing for the technology to be used in next year's tournament, a final decision will not be taken until March and not everyone supports his view."


We'll end up like baseball in the United States, where there are constant stoppages and we sit there eating nuts until the match ends at midnight," Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri said."In my view, technology should only be used on objective situations - offside, in or out of the box, over the line or not - but when it comes to subjective situations, people are never going to agree. That´s sport."


Despite his objections, many observers view VAR's use in cheap Maplestory Mesos Serie A since August as a qualified success, with supporters adjusting to the unfamiliar situation of going back to have incidents reviewed by the referee's off-field assistants.Roberto Rosetti, the former referee heading the Serie A experiment, says three mistakes are being avoided every game and the average review time has dropped from 1 minute, 22 seconds to 40 seconds.ORIGINAL.


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