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Specialized electronic platform for doctors, medical centres and users within UAE

AECURE - Know Top Hospitals and Clinics Nearby You in UAE



Specialized electronic platform for doctors, medical centres and users within UAE منصةالكترونيةمتخصصةللاطباءوالمراكزاالطبيةوالمستخدمينداخلالاماراتالعربيةالمتحدة"



You are on task in the Middle East and you wind up needing therapeutic treatment past the utilization of fastens to close a basic injury, where do you begin your question?

You might think about leaving the US to get therapeutic treatment for the cost investment funds, how would you assess those doctor's facilities and centers?

A decent beginning stage is to check if the best doctors in UAE establishment being referred to is JCI endorsed. A standout amongst the most regarded establishments for giving assessments of healing facilities and centers is the Joint Commission International. All doctors and healing centers as you will rapidly find are not made similarly and most patients are absent to the distinctions.

Commission accreditation is divided into five essential classes as takes after:

A. Clinical Labs and Testing: Medical testing/labs B. Doctor's facilities: Facilities and organizations that give intense care, lab testing, mental and restorative care C. Mobile Care: Surgical-Centers, clinical analysis office, dental care, Top Hospitals in UAE dialysis focuses D. Continuum Care: Long term mind, home care, mental care, hospice, helped living E. Restorative Transportation, rescue vehicle/as well as air for crisis mind and non-intense transportation

best doctors in UAE

Top Hospitals in UAE

Hospitals and Clinics In UAE


Joint Commission International (JCI) affirmed offices in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) are as per the following in sequential order arrange:

1. Al Corniche Hospital, Abu Dhabi

2. Al Noor, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

3. Al Noor, Khalifa, Abu Dhabi

4. Al Rahbba, Abu Dhabi

5. Al Wasi Maternity and Pediatric, Dubai

6. American Hospital, Dubai

7. Biosystech, (Lab),Dubai

8. Dubai Hospital,Dubai

9. Worldwide Modern Hospital,Dubai

10. Life saver Hospital,Dubai

11. Medicare Hospital,Dubai

12. Medinova Diagnostic Centre,Dubai

13. Desert garden Hospital, Al Ain, UAE

14. RAK Hospital, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

15. Rashid Hospital, Dubai

16. Sheik Kalifa Medical City, Abu Dabi

17. Tawam Hospital, Al Ain, UAE

18. Thalassemia Center, Dubai, UAE

19. Zulekha Hospital, Dubai, UAE

20. Zulekha Hospital, Sharjah, UAE


The procedure of Accreditation is a progressing procedure with new foundations applying and existing endorsed establishments trying endeavors to enhance their standings. This rundown is simply a beginning stage of looking into Hospitals and Clinics In UAE fitting organizations that have a speck of gauges of care and conventions that hold up to investigation on a universal level. It is dependably a smart thought to inquire about further with somebody who can encourage advance examinations.

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