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During the last few years AffairAlert has sent some mixed feeling among its users. Today we will try to clarify the whole mystery that hovers over this hookup site.

First of all, we would like to say that its true niche is extramarital affairs. This means that it targets either towards married people that want to have an affair or people that want to have an affair with a married one. This might sound absurd and offensive to some but we are not here to judge. The sure thing is that there is demand for dating sits such as this and wherever there is demand there always be supply.


Now, let's see how it performs as an affair dating site overall. First, you need to think what a cheater is looking from a dating site. The most important feature that a cheater is looking for is discretion. Whoever is cheating on his/her spouse/husband needs to feel safe that his/her affair will remain secret at all costs. Nobody wants to have his marriage destroyed because his/her indecency was found out.


Well, with the first look at AffairAlert this seems to be easily solved as the only thing they need to complete your registration is an active email address. The whole process is very easy and it asks for very little data. This tactic was a great one back in 90ies or even the first years of the millennium. Unfortunately for AffairAlert, we live in 2018 and an email confirmation along with a penis selfie is no longer good to get someone laid. This worked only on the Craigslist Casual Encounter's era. If you haven't already heard it, we got some bad news for the traditional fans of CL. The section of casual encounters is no longer live, they have shut it down.


The reason for that decision is the fact that the internet has moved forward. Now, if you want to have a decent chance to hook up with a real person you have to join a platform that makes sure its database is full of real people and not scammers. This is done by taking various measures to ensure the identity of every member, measures that AffairAlert doesn't bother to get.

This means that every scammer out there has the chance to create a fake account and use his tricks to take money out of innocent people's pockets. And wherever there is a chance for a scammer to use his skills he will always take it. The outcome of this situation is the fact that AffairAlert is full of fake profiles. Many of them belong to people that want to take your money. The rest is made from the site's developers in order to equalize their male to female ratio. If you bother to read their ToS before signing up you will see that they clearly state that they reserve the right to do so for "entertainment" purposes. So, since the second you hit that "I accept" button you can no longer accuse them of anything.


Moreover, AffairAlert uses the common technique of chat-bots. In our opinion this technique is quite antiquated and it would never work on an experience dating site user but it can still work to new users with little to zero experience in online dating.


As with every worthless site that wants to respect itself in AffairAlert you need to pay the subscription in order to have any sens of funtionality. The sense of funtionality here means interraction with fake profiles and robots. If you are a fan of really low tech artificial inteligence you can go ahead and pay their fee. The sure thing is that paying won't give you a chance for a real hookup.

In conclusion, we would like to say that while AffairAlert is not an outright scam site, it is really close to one. If you find yourselves trapped in an unhappy marriage and you are looking for an extramarrital affair you should probably talk with your counterpart and do your best to solve your problems. In the case you are still determined to find an affair partner you should probably visit an affair dating site that is full or real and active people such as AshleyMadison.


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