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The Warriors beat the Cavaliers 122-103 in today's game.The players received an interview after the game.

David West scored a key three-pointer in the NBA 2K18 MT third quarter,which Draymond-Green praised.

"West's three points may be the most important three points in this game," Green said."The Cavaliers scored a climax and narrowed the points difference,then West scored in front of their bench.Three points made a very powerful counterattack."

West said he only tried to exert some influence on the game.

"When I was on the court,I just wanted to have some influence on the game," West said."I know the Cavaliers will put pressure on Kevin Durant and others,so I have a chance to throw in the ball,nothing crazy of."

West played 11 minutes in this game,1 shot 1 to get 3 points,3 rebounds and 2 assists.


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The Best Place to Cheap Virtual Currency - LOLGA.
The Best Place to Cheap Virtual Currency - LOLGA.
The Best Place to Cheap Virtual Currency - LOLGA

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