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Vapaura specializes in Desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers, mods and tanks at the lowest prices. Our vaporizers carry manufacturer warranties.

When you think of the kinds of flavors associated with vape clouds, your mind may go straight to the wacky and exotic tastes of things like tropical passion fruits and sweets and candies. But that doesn’t mean all those who enjoy vaping are seeking a sweet breath of vapor. While many brands of waxes and e-liquids do cater to these more popular style of flavors, there are also many vape pens available which exclusively make use of dry herb material to vaporize from. Users can fill the device with a ground blend of their favorite herbs, offering a natural, earthy hit that retains the smooth and easy draw that only a vape can provide. These dry herb vape pens have been available for as long as vaping has been around, however due to their more narrow appeal they have never been as popular or widely available as more traditional e-liquid vapes. For this reason, many remain unaware of these devices and what to look for in one. So let’s compare a couple of different models, and see if we can’t find the best dry herb vaporizer for sale.

For someone trying out their first dry herb vape, it would be hard to go wrong with the G Slim Dry Herb Vaporizer by Grenco Science. This slick little device really earns the moniker ‘vape pen’ – being almost as thin and small as an actual ink pen, the G Slim is among the most compact and stealthy vapes around. Despite its size, however, this pen features a ceramic heating chamber that delivers a strong and smooth hit every time. And what’s more, all of this performance in such a convenient package comes at an even more unbelievable price point – the G Slim is available for the unheard of price of just $19.99. Again – hard to go wrong!

In addition to pure dry herb vaporizers and standard wax and e-liquid vapes, there are a few models on the market that are designed to be compatible with multiple forms of material. The Hyperblunt Pinnacle Pro DLX Vaporizer is one of such devices, a convection vaporizer able to vaporize both dry herb and wax concentrates. In addition to this capability, the DLX comes with 5 preset heat settings and sports a unique glass bubbler mouthpiece that can be filled with water for extra filtration and cooling of the vapor, providing an extra smooth draw. For the wax concentrate fanatic who’s interested in trying a little dry herb vaping on the side, this fully featured vape mod is one of the best dry herb vaporizers for sale anywhere.

Offering something of a middle ground between these two very different vaporizers is the Kandypens MIVA Vaporizer, a dedicated dry herb vape that offers the level of functionality often associated with high-end juice vapes. Boasting a high-visibility OLED display, the MIA has digital memory and full digital temperature control, giving you not only fine control over exactly how your herb is heated, but the ability to save and re-use your favorite settings again and again. This vape, and the others described here, are just a few of the various types of models available now that prove that no matter what kind of vaper you are, there’s a great dry herb vaporizer out there waiting for you!

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Are you looking for best vaporizers product? If yes, Vapaura specializes in Desktop vaporizers, Balloon Bag Vaporizers, portable vaporizers, mods and tanks at the lowest prices. Our vaporizers carry manufacturer warranties.

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