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OHS Auditing: How To Minimize The Risks At Workplace?
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In each or every organization keeping the workplace safe and healthy is the main priority of the organization as it will benefit both employer and employees.

In each or every organization keeping the workplace safe and healthy is the main priority of the organization as it will benefit both employer and employees. Occupational health and safety is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the safety, health, and welfare of the people at work. And Occupational health and safety (OHS) also know as Workplace health and safety (WHS).

OHS Auditing is one of the critical inspections for a systematic organization to minimize the loss caused by accident.


To inform the company:

•    How well it is performing in health and safety.
•    Whether managers and others are meeting the Health & Safety standards which the company has set itself.
•    Whether the company is complying with the H&S laws.

Types of audit

•    Technical and Process Audit
•    Hazard Specific Audit
•    Management Audit
•    Operation Audit
•    System Audit
•    Strategy Audit

And if you are looking for OHS consultants who will guide or advice you best then contact workplace OHS main & associates who are experts in OHS risk management and tailor and strategies specific OHS systems for small to medium businesses. With this also develop a compliant process that will save your time, money on one hand and on the other side reduce the business risks too.

Why Choose Workplace OHS Main & Associates?

The reason behind choosing workplace OHS Main & Associates are as:

•    Years of experience
•    Vast knowledge
•    Consultative approach
•    OHS risk management experts
•    Qualified trainers

And more; with this one of the major reason behind choosing Main & Associates is that Main & Associates designs programs according to the client’s needs that will surely meet the business needs.

 And proving safe and healthy environment to the employees or keeping workplace safe and health benefit the organization in one or another way such as increase productivity, minimize the cost, reduce absenteeism, boost morale, increase profit margins, minimize the risks and much more; and this will help the organization in achieving the business goals or objectives

And OHS compliance certificate is a certifying document that assets and approves a workplace as legally compliant with the occupational health and safety requirements. OHS Compliance certificate proof that a company or organization has passed all the legal standards required by law to create a healthy and safe working environment for all.

After discussing occupational health and safety (OHS) we can conclude that for running organization smoothly or effectively audit should be done on a regular basis. And Main & Associates are best to choose as they simplify the complicated system that suits your business time frame, goal, and budget and reduce the business risks.

To know more about Workplace OHS Main & Associates please, call us +61425812090 or visit our website HERE; http://safesystem.com.au/.


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Main & Associates are experts in risk management and compliance. We tailor and strategies specific OH&S systems for small to medium businesses and develop compliant processes that will save you time and money

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