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Beyond our signature curry puff, we have also developed several distinctive sub-brands to expand our portfolio and offer our loyal customers with more high quality and delicious products. Each brand name embodies a unique promise, aspiration and pers



Serving The World The Good Old Taste of Old Chang Kee

1956 - Our Humble Beginnings

Old Chang Kee has its humble beginnings in 1956 in a small stall in a coffee shop near the then Rex Cinema along Mackenzie Road. People from every corner of Singapore would travel to this stall to savor the perfect curry puff, then known affectionately as the " Singapore Snacks    ".

Singaporeans have delightful memories of  Singapore Snacks    . They love this delicious, painstaking puff, stuffed with curry potato, an egg slice, and chicken. All fried stuff specially mixed with thoroughly selected herbs and spices. An unparalleled aroma of curry Puff at Old Chang Kee has already won hearts of all Singaporeans.

1986 - The 'New' Beginning

In 1986, Mr. Han Keen Juan made a pivotal decision that was to change his life as well as the food scene in Singapore. He traded a comfortable job with an established MNC for the hot and greasy kitchen of Old Chang Kee. With whatever savings he had, he bought over the control of the Old Chang Kee business. And he had only one goal in mind - to transform Old Chang Kee into a successful business.

Rapid Growth

With a clear vision, Mr. Han quickly set about modernizing and re-engineering the business. He moved the production of the curry puffs from a small corner in a coffee shop to a slightly larger premise in Ubi. New systems were implemented and critical steps were taken to ensure consistency in the quality of the products. He knew that to bring the business into the big league, he needed to continuously upgrade the production facility. In his true entrepreneur spirit, he later took another major decision. He invested in a 20,000 sq. feet modern production facility in Woodlands. 

Aggressive programmes were launched to grow Old Chang Kee into a leading brand of curry puffs and hot savouries. Mr. Han's efforts did not go unnoticed. He was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award in 1992 and Newsweek and the now defunct Asia Magazine named him as a man to watch.

Having brought  Singapore Snacks   to where it was, Mr. Han realized then that he needed someone to help him to bring the business to another level. Mr. William Lim, a graduate of an Australian university, was brought into the company. Fresh ideas and innovative marketing strategies, in sync with changing consumer trends, were implemented. 

Old Chang Kee has since evolved. It now specializes in the manufacture and sales of a wide range of very affordable high quality food products including the signature curry puff. Production is carried out in a modern factory and high-end technology and stringent quality control measures ensure that the exacting standard, that is synonymous with the Old Chang Kee brand, is consistently achieved. All production processes and facilities are certified to have met HACCP and Halal standards.

Old Chang Kee now markets its range of snack products, including its signature curry puffs, through kiosks along the road and retail outlets at petrol kiosks and shopping malls.

Old Chang Kee was admitted to the Official List of the Catalist in 2008. 
The U.S based Travel & Leisure Magazine announced in May 2017 that  Singapore Snacks   was selected as one of the world's 20 best fast food chains. We were the only brand from Singapore to have the honour of being included in the list.


Main Line 
(65) 6303 2400 
( Mon-Fri, exclude PH)

For more information on Old Chang Kee and its products, please email or write to the following: Ten & Han Trading Pte Ltd 
2 Woodlands Terrace S738427 Republic of Singapore.

Tel (65) 6303 2400 
Fax (65) 6303 2415 
Email: contact@oldchangkee.com

Visit mere to know more - http://www.oldchangkee.com/our-products.htm





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