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Painéis reais tem um departamento técnico específico. Nós fornecemos uma ampla gama de Brise Horizontal ou Vertical, Luminous Led, Marquee, Brise & Totem. Entre em contato conosco agora

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  •          Luminoso Led
  •          Brise Horizontal ou Vertical
  •          Letreiro
  •          Brise
  •          Totem



Brise is a facade element, which can be a fixed or articulated brise produced in aluminum and is widely used to reduce the incidence of sun and light, thus creating a cooler environment if it almost loses visibility from the outside and helps in saving of electricity since it can reduce the use of air-conditioning.


Brise can also be used as a way to rebuild a façade with lower expenses, higher cost x benefit and to take full advantage of the brise.


Brise is manufactured mostly in aluminum, because the aluminum manufacturing allows a lower weight load on the structure also preventing corrosion. Brise Metalico ou AluminioIt is generally manufactured in modules and is a very favorable element for architects and builders, but an architectural element widely used throughout the world.

Its format follows some standards like fixed brise lamina size, articulated brise aperture and its formats.


We can also carry out custom projects giving a touch of class in the use of these elements.


Brise Metalico ou Aluminio The brise models are several and we selected some more used remembering that its manufacture is aluminum material:


Brise Fixo

When it is fixed you can not change the angle of the blades. In buildings must be removed from the facade that allows natural ventilation and maintenance. In large works it is advisable to choose the model of fixed brise to avoid the constant movement of the blades by several people.


Brise Mobile

It is the one that has greater versatility, because it allows the change of the angle according to the external insolation or appeared that is intended. The furniture has a more constant maintenance.


As for Brise's positioning, it is extremely important a study to better take advantage of the degree of insolation of the façade in question.


Brise Vertical

The Vertical Brise is recommended for façades that receive the sun rays flush (east and west). In most of Brazil, this effect occurs, respectively, on the east and west facades.


Brise Horizontal

For the Horizontal Brise are more recommended for the north façade, which receives the sun all day long. The southern façade, in general, receives little sunshine and does not require the use of brise except for an aesthetic question.



CURRENT PANELS - VISUAL COMMUNICATION knows that the way your company or institution is viewed conveys references about its credibility and quality.

Always thinking in the best for our client we of the CURRENT PANELS - VISUAL COMMUNICATION we offer a series of external FACADE COATING options that have a quality and aesthetics differentiated and that can be combined with the diverse architectural styles of FACADE, allowing great suitability of the brand to the environment where the company is effectively seen 24 hours a day.

Fachada em ACM - Do not is fooled by other companies, we of the CURRENT PANELS - VISUAL COMMUNICATION offer the entire support structure of the aluminum facade so that no rust will occur over time spoiling all the work done.


Sinalização Interna e Externa - Some of the types of coating that ATUAL PAINEIS - VISUAL COMMUNICATION uses:

FACADE IN ACM - various colors and patterns;

FACADE IN ACM - with glass skin;

GALVANIZED STEEL FACADE - with automotive or electrostatic paint;

FACADE IN STAINLESS STEEL - brushed or polished;




Comunicação Visual-THE CURRENT PANELS - VISUAL COMMUNICATION has a different way of thinking about VISUAL COMMUNICATION, understanding how the visual form of the company gives its customers its values ​​and the quality of its products.


Over these 35 years, Atual Panels - Visual Communication has developed its own methodology of quality, respect and innovation to better anticipate its customers. Always expanding our range of services and products we always seek the interests and the satisfaction of our customers as a milestone of our success.


Letra caixa Led - Our experience not only in panels , but a complete line of Totem Internal and External , Signs , facade in ACM , Bright , Signs Letter Cash, and Brise, Banner, Sign boards and any demand in the visual communication of your company - including concern and dispatch of documentation - CADAN .

Your Project runs as your company and customer wants. We execute projects on demand.

We invite you to conhercer more of our products and our services, make a budget without commitment and prove that our service surpasses in excellence and quality.


Visit for more information: -  http://www.atualpaineis.com.br/

Contact Name : Atualpaineis

Email        : contato@atualpaineis.com.br

Address      : R. Gabriel Prestes, 160 - Santana, São Paulo - SP, 02032-020, Brazil

Phone        : (11) 2979-8643 | 2975-2717

country      : Brazil

Monday- Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


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