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What is James Hardie?

This company is a world leader in fiber cement materials ever since its establishment in 1888. It is the first company that used this kind of product and developed even more new products ever since. They provide high quality products which are used by contractors all over the world.

What Products Do They Have?

They have a variety of products you can choose from, of course they are fiber cement products that you can use for your ceiling, wall, wet wall area, flooring, and siding. The company has what they call James Hardie siding and trim with advanced ColorPlus, which have nice colors to make your home’s exterior look good and durable at the same time.

Why Would I Use This?

If it’s the first time you have heard about this product, then you are missing a lot. Hardieplank Siding has been used on more than 5 million homes in America, why? It is durable, has low maintenance cost, and looks good on your house of course. It won’t sell out a lot of products if it isn’t made from high quality materials and not that durable right? How durable you may ask? It can stand up to harsh weather and Storms, it is also fire resistant and animals and insects like termites do not gobble it up like normal wood. It doesn’t absorb water which keeps molds away and prevents cracking and swelling, this means you don’t need to repair it every now and then. Less repairs means you save more money. So you might want to change your question into :why won’t I use this?”. Using this products for your house would be Great, but be sure you know how to do construction work. If not, you can always hire contractors to get the job done. Remember that professionals always do a better job since they are know everything there is to know about installing these siding.


Carolina Exteriors Plus proudly installs the finest James Hardie Siding products in a wide range of designer colors. Carolina Exteriors is the Raleigh Triangle area’s trusted partner for James Hardie® Hardieplank siding and trim installation, replacement windows, entry doors, roofing and painting services.


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Carolina Exteriors Plus is the best roofers in Raleigh, NC, to install a new roofing system that will protect your home for years to come. Carolina Exteriors is the Raleigh Triangle area’s trusted partner for James Hardie® Hardieplank siding and trim installation, replacement windows, entry doors, roofing and painting services.

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