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Toronto Film Festival
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In today’s times, many festivals regarding arts and culture are celebrated on a global level impacting artists who are in this industry.

In today’s times, many festivals regarding arts and culture are celebrated on a global level impacting not just the people and the artists who are in this industry but the local people as well. Many festivals like Cannes Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival are celebrated to give their artists their credit, a sort of appreciation.


So, before we further dive into the topic of this iconic and incredible film festival, let’s get some fun facts about this festival.

Interesting Facts About Toronto Film Festival

Toronto Film Festival, it is attended by almost 4,80,000 people every year.

This festival has been celebrated for more than 42 years.

It was in the year of 2016 that a huge number of films were showcased here: 397 movies to be exact.

Toronto Film Festival is considered to be one of the most prestigious events in the history of the entertainment industry.

Many known films such as The Imitation game, Room, 12 years a slave have won in these awards.

Toronto Film Festival was founded by Bill Marshall and Dusty Cohl.


The Star Factor                   

Toronto Film Festival is not just about the bright gleaming camera lights or the celebrities posing in their best attitudes or the fame or the money. On the other hand, it is about the art, the music and the stars and their performances.

However, all the action gets started in the glassy mod complex where all the action begins. It is her that stars of the stature of Al Pacino, Natalie Portman, and Johnny Depp rub elbows over cocktails. So, book your first class flight tickets to Canada to experience the magic of this unique festival.


Explore The Films And The Excitement


To know that exactly what happens in this festival we would need to do a proper break down of the festival.

Gala and special Presentation – Under the gala presentation one can see power-packed performances of their favorite movie stars and famous directors.

Midnight Madness- Under the Midnight madness ne can see movies pertaining to the horror, action genre.

City to City – TIFF particularly picks a specific region to focus on. It was in the year of 2015 that films from the backdrop of London were selected. And the year before that it was South Korea.

Kids – Kids get to watch the movies of their own choice ranging from animated to adventure movies.

This festival also gives special attention to experimental films, short films and Canadian made pictures are highlighted as well.


 What Else?


Beside movie screenings, the festival also presents about 50 or so sessions by the people who are considered to be innovators and intellectuals of their fields.

The top prize which is considered to be the TIFF is the People’s Choice Award. To name a few awards holders are The Imitation Game, 12 Years a Slave, Silver Linings Playbook.


Started in the year of 1976 this festival has been going on since almost 40 years. Experience the magic of the big screen, know your favourite stars, and see them live at Canada this year. Book your business class flight tickets to Canada with us at exclusive discounts. Call +1 (800) 986-9456 to make reservations today.


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