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Britain is known for many things one of which is her strange street names. Whoever suggested these bizarrely named streets in England must have been either an extremely comical character...

Britain is known for many things one of which is her strange street names. Whoever suggested these bizarrely named streets in England must have been either an extremely comical character or a crazy person in the sense of the word. If you have never been to England, here is your beginner guide to weird street names in Britain.

10. Hooker Rd, Norwich

Imagine the nightmare of living along this street. Not only will you always encounter potential “clients” who will stop at nothing to ask you if you are in business but selling your property may be a nightmare too. This is among England Street names bound to cause shame and embarrassment for those forced to use it on a daily basis.

9. Ha-Ha Road, Greenwich

Whoever named this street must have been in a great mood that day or something of the sort. Could it also be that this street aroused happy feelings for anyone passing or driving along it? Whatever the case, we still term it as one of the bizarrely named streets in England.

8. Needless Alley, Birmingham

This is also among weird street names in Britain as one wonders why the need for such a title. Is it that no one has any need in the alley or no one should ask for anything there? Stay tuned on this website for when we reveal the real motive behind naming an alley in such a strange and mysterious manner.

7. Swing Swang Lane, Basingstoke

Maybe not very bizarre but still strange in a special way! Does it translate to being swung in all directions once you visit the place? We wonder. Until we get the right answer, we cannot avoid placing this in the list of weird street names in Britain.

6. Whip Ma Whop Ma Gate, York

We sincerely have no idea what this sentence means as whole. We can only speculate and group it as one of the crazy England Street names. It is as mouthful as it is strange. Do people ever finish mentioning all the words before someone else bursts out laughing? Perhaps locals have gotten used to it since it has been in existence for a long time now.

5. Bow Wow, Gloucestershire

Fifth on our list of bizarrely named streets in England comes Bow Wow, a street located in Gloucestershire in England. Bow wow always amazes tourists and first time visitors because they just have a hard time accepting it as an official name for a street. Like the rest of the surprising England Street names, one warms up to it after staying there for a while.

4. Fanny Hands Lane, Lincolnshire

Could it be that Fanny Hands Lane had too many fanny pickpockets that it just had to be among the bizarrely named streets in England? You might want to live along this lane though because as it turns out, it is one of the best selling properties in the country. The name could have contributed to this fact, who knows? As much as this truth is painfully coincidental, nothing will make us change our minds about Fanny Hands Lane being one of the bizarre England Street names.

3. Minge Lane, Worcestershire

When you name a street after male or female genitalia or anything close to it, you end up with one of the weird street names in Britain. Residents of Worcestershire are well familiar with this lane especially those that live close by. Its popularity is mainly because of well, you guessed it, the name.

2. Bell End, Midlands

Bell End also finds its way home to bizarrely named streets in England basically because of the sexual nature of the name. Thankfully, a good number of people are blissfully unaware of the real meaning of the two words therefore it sounds good to them. Once you realize the meaning however, you may find it hard to even pronounce this. This can get worse if you just moved to Bell End and you have to say it, text it, email it and even sing about it everywhere you go.

1. Cock Lane, London

Who would ever imagine that the capital of one of the most powerful nations of the world would be categorized among weird street names in Britain? Maybe it is the spirit of appreciating the human body and not being embarrassed about any part of it. No matter the answer, this will always be among weird England Street names.

We sincerely hope you have read something fun or insightful on this article about Britain’s weird street names. We cannot wait to tour these streets and see some of these signs for ourselves. Well, thank you our reader for your time here. We look forward to having you here again. If you liked this article, browse this website for more reads.

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