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After traveling by metro and enduring a long dusty rickshaw ride, I finally managed to reach the place where two different cultures collide in a somewhat interesting way. Yes, I am talking about the little Tibet of Delhi.

After traveling by metro and enduring a long dusty rickshaw ride, I finally managed to reach the place where two different cultures collide in a somewhat interesting way.

“Tibetan Refugee Colony” or “Majnu Ka Tilla” is also famously known as the “Little Tibet” of Delhi. This small condensed place with narrow alleys is not far from the North Campus, and still, it remains less crowded which is quite unacceptable to the common mind. “Majnu Ka Tilla” is famous for many things but what I really liked about this place is that it makes you forget about the outside hustle-bustle and chaos of the daylight. It introduces you to a totally different culture which is filled with monks who gave up on materialistic things a long ago and now are living in harmony.

And a bit far away from the main colony, on the highest point, right above the river Yamuna, the serene Gurudwara is situated which is one of the oldest Gurudwara’s in Delhi. And if you ever travel to Delhi then this is the kind of place where you must definitely go to.

If you’re wondering about why it is called “Majnu Ka Tilla” then I should tell you right away about the legend which is still being passed on to new generations-

It once happened that Abdulla who was also quite famous by the name of Majnu met Sikh Guru in the hot month of July. Majnu was known to offer free services to people ferrying them across the river Yamuna in a self-less manner and dedicated his efforts to the God. And Guru Nanak, who was really impressed by his devotion, prolonged his stay there till the end of the month and even blessed him. Hence the name “Majnu ka Tilla” came into being.

Talking about another interesting aspect of this place is when the Tibetan refugees arrived here during the 1960s; it was when the situation in China got worse. It is no doubt that now this colony has been transformed into an enchanting place waiting to be explored by the travellers.  The refugees are no longer the people who once fled from another land; they are now the people who made this place their happy place, their home.

And owing to this, the place intrigued my interest and I did my research on its history and now was the time to really get to know this place. After many twists and turn in the narrow passages and in between the clustered refugee houses, I reached the area or the main market which is why most of the people go there.

The main market is filled with Tibetan souvenirs, movie DVDs offering a small glimpse of their beautiful culture, delicious restaurants, shops selling everything related to their customs and traditions. If I start talking about the food then you’re going to add “Majnu Ka Tilla” on your wish list.

And as soon I finished my wandering around the small colorful market, I got into the famous and the oldest eatery of Majnu Ka Tilla, Dolma House. The ambience there was mesmerizing and the overall aura and the small setup was yet another glimpse of their hostility. I ordered basic things because I don’t experiment much with the food. And while you wait there for the delicious food, you can’t help but imagine that you’re in a typical action Chinese movie, filling up your belly and afterward going for a battle. There were a lot of people there but still, the place was quiet.

Finally, my order arrived, the best thing there is that the waiter comes there and gives you a small diary and a pen to write your own order; I guess I experienced this kind of service for the first time in there. In front of my table, there was a monk who was busy eating his food with a chopstick and I started wondering about his story like when did he imagine to become who he is now. I ate the standard food which was very different from the so-called local Chinese food I have ever eaten. It was magical, my taste buds were dancing and I still crave the strawberry milkshake.

After my belly was full, I thanked the waiter and again started exploring the place. I finally reached the open space, where the small monastery is situated. I only saw that in the pictures before but in reality, it was just simply beautiful. People were sitting inside the monastery and near it. I had never seen so many colors together in a small building where people go to find their answers. That whole area had a different vibe about it which was making me just stand there, experience the serenity and observe every little detail. I stood there for a while, spanned the prayer wheels and again stopped to capture that view forever in my eyes.

With this visit to the small monastery, my trip ended. While riding back through the same dusty rickshaw ride, nothing was bothering me, I was filled with peace and happiness, and everything was coming in front of my eyes like a camera reel.

So, if you ever would like to visit Delhi then going to Majnu Ka Tilla becomes somewhat imperative. To book cheap flights to India you can reach us at the toll-free number +1 (844) 576-5505.


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