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Many people do share a dislike of public speaking and might become nervous and some even suffer from glossophobia, which is the fear of speaking in public. The good news is that this kind of limitations can be overcome by undergoing body language

Many people do share a dislike of public speaking and might become nervous and some even suffer from glossophobia, which is the fear of speaking in public. The good news is that this kind of limitations can be overcome by undergoing body language training. Regardless of how good you are in speaking, your audience can lose interest quickly if you are expressionless, dull and motionless.

You can improve the way to speak by taking body language courses online . One of the institutes that offer such courses is Basu Mali. The best body language training can help to grab the attention of your audience and convey your message well. To help you speak better, Basu Mali has put together quick and simple tips for using body language to attract your audience.


Your posture portrays your emotional state to your audience. To get the most response out of your audience, your posture should be open, straight and relaxed. An open posture means that you show your willingness to communicate by not crossing your hands and also not hiding behind the podium or slides. Maintain a straight posture by standing tall and upright without slouching to be able to make eye contact with your audience. A relaxed posture means that your breathing is composed so that your voice is audible.


Composed breathing is the right way to go here. It is defined by deep breaths that will allow you to project a powerful and commanding voice. You should measure and control your breathing rate and pause your speech to emphasize more on major points.


The gestures that you put into your presentation are very important because they allow the audience to give a response. Gestures will greatly move your audience, especially when they are open, broad and symmetric. Open gestures will help you find favor in the eyes audience and broad gestures will help you reach out to your audience more since they correspond to the size of your audience. Symmetric gestures will allow you to make the entire audience feel engaged. The use of one hand gesture can makes one side of the audience feel secluded and this can injure your presentation.

Eye contact

Eye contact is very important. You should move your eyes from one face to the other while making your presentation. This will make your audience to remain engaged and active. As you answer questions from the audience, maintain eye contact as this will convey credibility and sincerity.


When you move around the space allocated for your presentation, it becomes livelier. When you move and walk through the audience, it creates a responsive reaction and is used usually when you are planning to convince your audience of what you are speaking about.

Facial expression

Facial expression is a very important aspect of body language. A smile goes a long way to ease the mood of your audience and make them feel comfortable.

Don’t cross your arms

Crossing the arms is usually a show of defense and anger and this can convey a negative attitude towards the audience. You should strive to keep an open posture, such as uncrossed legs and an upward head. Avoid looking at the floor while crossing your arms because this shows rudeness.

Do not use power poses

Power poses are common among many famous speakers. However, there are specific times when they should not be used, such as when making a presentation. Examples of power poses include hands on hips, legs far apart. These poses can create an unhealthy relationship between you and the audience.


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