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Looking for medical cannabis treatment in Long Island NY? We have over 30 years experience combined in treating patients with severe medical cannabis. Striving to help each patient improve their pain and functional levels.

In 2016 the Health Department in New York State approved Cannabis for pain management which included seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, neuropathies, Parkinson’s diseases chronic pain syndrome and glaucoma. Cannabis also has side effects which includes dizziness and euphoria which is tolerated by most of the patients.

Cannabis is available in different forms like capsules, vapor and sublingual oil. Cannabis is actually the flowers, leaves and buds of hemp plant which is known as Cannabis Sativa. Many States in America have passed laws that allow people with health problems to grow and use Cannabis for their own requirement.

What do the Professionals say regarding Cannabis?

Some medical experts do not recommend Cannabis although it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. They feel it will give other problems although it will relieve muscle stiffness and pain in people suffering from multiple sclerosis. Medical experts are of the opinion that it may damage coordination and memory judgement putting you at risk of accidents if you drive. People suffering from AIDS and cancer can relieve nausea and improve appetite.

Cannabis is known to work and give relief from pain when other medicines have failed.  It should be used when all other medicines have failed,  and should not be used with other medicines that bring about mood control and sleepiness like sedatives, antidepressants and anxiety drugs as it can interact with them.

Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection

A lumber epidural steroid injection is given for different types of spinal pain which includes

•    Lumbar spinal stenosis-which happens when the spinal cavity becomes narrow and exerts pressure and pain.
•    Lumber herniated disc- when part of the spinal disc leaks out
•    Sciatica-pain which starts with pressure on the sciatica nerve

Inflamed or Pinched Nerves

Pain in the lower back

The lumbar epidural injection is a procedure that is hardly invasive when anesthetics and steroids are injected into the epidural area of the spine to relieve pain, pressure and inflammation. You can get rehab for pain in this spinal block as the pain is not limited. There is a multidisciplinary team who can treat you for getting rid of the pain. For this procedure you have to lie face down with a pillow under the stomach to open the spine to inject steroids.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back consists of interconnecting bones, nerves, joints, ligaments and muscles which provide flexibility, support and strength to the spine. But a sprain to the ligament or injury to the muscle can give pain. If you have pain in the lower back it has to be properly identified to provide treatment, The lower back supports the weight of the upper body and helps you to make regular movements like twisting and bending.

The low back muscles are responsible for rotation and flexing of the hips and supporting the spinal column. Whenever there is an injury in the lower part of the back the body reacts with a healing process that is provocative giving pain.

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This content has been written by associate in nursing skilled related to Cannabis Treatment Long Island, a corporation famed to supply wonderful help on Pain Management Long Island.


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