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Business Buyer Lead we are providing best Pulses Dealers, Sugar Sellers-Buyers, Urea-Seller/Buyers, Metal Ores and Scraps & Agents for Petroleum Products

Agents for Petroleum Products


Alees international - Export Import Consultants, iron dealers Corporate Agency, Representation of Foreign companies in USA and Product Export Promotion.

Alees International

Export Import Consultant

Alees International, Under the steward leadership of Major Mir Ali (Retd) for and on behalf of the Company, do hereby declare as "The Mandatory" for the Manufacturing units /Producing units/ Supplying units of the Commodities as defined under "World Corporate Trading and Negotiations" bears no boundary limits but, has the caliber to conclude the routine business "Under the third-country trade-practices" are Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) to deliver the following commodities to any part of the World, any volume and any size of business amount , at buyers will, under the Terms and Conditions of the Company which are strictly adhere to coordinated by Alees International.

Iron Dealers, Corporate Agency

Product Export Promotion


Alees International do not directly import or export at present. They take up your products with the local consulting companies for the planning of marketing strategy and market promotion and source the products for you Agro Products, fertilizers, chemicals, garden produce and many more in off-wing . We plan and execute the successful launching of your products as per your requirements Agents for Petroleum Products

Major Mir Ali (Retd.), the CEO, has spent 20 years cultivating export and business relationships in India and other countries particularly USA, the Middle East & Africa. Major Mir Ali's association with manufacturers, marketers and importers has given him rich experience. He is an electronic Engineer by profession but his experience made him fully qualified to handle exports. He earned many national and International awards.

We are qualified to handle all types of work from reviewing sellers-buyers contracts, Letter of Credits to Inventory Control and Inland freight and many more.

We create partnerships between US companies and international suppliers through expert local marketing consultants. We help American companies import products, raw material and resources not readily available through domestic markets.

International borders are rapidly diminishing to create boundless global resources. Alees International USA, can enhance your competitiveness by sourcing products through the network of long-established local marketing trading consultants.

Do you plan importing products/chemicals from USA? Our expert consultants can help you find the best available in American marketplace, as well as the sources of supply most compatible with your long-term needs and goals.

Our marketing expert consultants are associated with USA-domiciled companies through their data-based network and we negotiate with them on your behalf for quick orders.

Alees International (USA) do not directly import or export. They take up your products with the local consulting companies for planning of marketing strategy and market promotion. We plan and execute the successful launching of your products as per your requirements. We plan and execute the successful launching of your products as per your requirements"

Alees international is a service-based organization located in the state of Illinois. Major Mir Ali (Retd), the CEO, has formed the company only in 2002 in USA. The company is in existence in India since 1987.It is also listed in the export directory of India and A.P. Chamber of Commerce. Major Mir Ali (Retd) who was the Managing Partner of Alees International, India and the Managing Director of Ace Spark wave Pvt Ltd, India, migrated to USA in 2001. Major Mir Ali (Retd) has got a wide experience in the field of export and manufacturing. He has got more than 20 years of his export and manufacturing experience in India. Major Mir Ali (Retd) with various advance post-graduation degrees and diplomas to his credit, an Engineer by profession and retired premature from Indian Army to take up entrepreneurial work.

Agents for Petroleum Products

Contact Us

Address: Alees International LLC, 3203

West Links Drive, Franklin, WI 53132

Phone: 1 847 270 7600, 1 414 375 7121

Email: aleesimpex@yahoo.com ,


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