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Kinetic Research Group (KRG) is a small organization in the small arms manufacturers industry located in Eagle, CO. It opened its doors in 2005 and now has $1,000 USD in yearly revenue and 3 employees.

When outfitting your firearm, it is essential to invest in a piece of equipment that will increase the utility, accuracy, and overall accessibility of your rifle. When choosing between a traditional stock and a Lightweight rifle chassis system, it is best to consider what you are looking for in a rifle accessory before purchasing. Research is essential when making any purchase, and accessories for your firearm are no different. Read on to learn more about the differences between a chassis and a stock for your piece.

Both stocks and chassis act as an interface between shooter and rifle. The chassis allows the shooter to achieve proper body positioning when preparing a shot. This alignment also allows the shooter to align with the optic of the rifle and ensure that the rifle is adequately mounted, which further increases visibility and accuracy. Your firearm's stock or chassis holds the feeding mechanism, houses the trigger, and supplies connection points for additional attachments and accessories. Having a good stock or chassis can tremendously improve the accuracy of your next shot. And the choice between the two is highly individualized.

Stocks are more commonly used with precision rifles. The accessory comes in one piece, and a band is occasionally accompanied with bedding pillars to prevent movement of the stock. The stocks do require bottom metal bedding to house the trigger guard and magazine systems. For those who prefer firearms with detachable magazines, allowing for more precision, these systems require stock inletting and installation.

Chassis systems are typically constructed of aluminum and do not require complicated metal bedding installation. When compared to stocks, this is an added benefit as stocks often have a more complicated installation process. The chassis systems will typically be designed to support the rifle action by screwing the barreled action into the chassis, making installation simple. The detachable magazine system of the chassis is usually built in, which ensures that the alignment of the magazine is correct.

Stock systems, when wholly equipped with bedding and pillars, including the bottom metal, stock inletting, night vision mounts, and bedding costs, will often favor the chassis as a better value, as it does not require the additional cost, time, and effort to make the complete installations. Chassis are extremely easy to install, requiring the rifle to be removed from the stock and screwed into the new chassis.

Chassis mounts allow the user to individualize his or her equipment to fit a particular shooting style or build. The chassis also offers more overall versatility than a fiberglass stock. The Whiskey-3 Chassis consists of a durable aluminum bedding that features tool-less adjustments for easily done modifications. It features multiple attachment points to allow for the addition of other accessories for increased accuracy modification. The chassis also features modular grip panels, which enable the shooter to adjust the chassis to his or her exact specifications for the ultimate customization. The lightweight rifle chassis system is designed for the use of AICS style magazines for your rifle without any additional alteration or attachments. The Whiskey-3 features a new and innovative length-of-pull locking mechanism to create a more streamlined process than with previous generations and is available in both fixed and folding versions. Safe to say, the Whiskey-3 is the way to go when looking for a REM 700 Chassis.

From a lightweight rifle chassis system to a short action receiver, these additions are the perfect investment to increase both the accuracy and reliability of your firearm. For more information on the Whiskey-3 Chassis, and countless other premium firearm accessories, visit

For more information about Aics Chassis and Tikka T3 Tactical Stock Please visit : Kineticresearchgroup.


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Kinetic Research Group (KRG) is a small organization in the small arms manufacturers industry located in Eagle, CO. It opened its doors in 2005 and now has $1,000 USD in yearly revenue and 3 employees.

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