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There are many individuals that are looking for the best criminal lawyers in Birmingham AL because of the drunken driving case they have to deal with. As the laws for drunken driving has been made stricter it has become hard for people to even drive

There are many individuals that are looking for the best criminal lawyers in Birmingham AL because of the drunken driving case they have to deal with. As the laws for drunken driving has been made stricter it has become hard for people to even drive when they had only the glass of beer.

We all know that the case of drunken driving is handled in the criminal court and if it is proved that you were guilty there are chances that you will have to face severe charges. In order to assure that your innocence is proved you will need the help of Birmingham DUI attorney. There are many lawyers working in the industry that selection of the best one can get tough. Here are some of the tips to help you out.


Frist, you have to pay attention to the experience of the lawyer you are planning to work with. A highly experienced lawyer is always better to work with as compared to the inexperienced ones. You have to assure that the lawyer you are planning to hire has dealt with different types of cases in this situation. That is the only way he will know how to handle your situation.

Success rate

Do not forget to pay attention to the success rate of the lawyer.

• A lawyer who has dealt with more than 40 DUI cases and only last 5 is better than the one who has handled 5 cases and won all of them.

• The more cases a lawyer has dealt with means that he has a better experience

• In most of the cases, younger lawyers have more experience as compared to the older generation.

• Do not get fooled by the age of Birmingham DUI attorney if you want to select the best one.

Cost of services

One of the most important things you have to consider during the selection of a lawyer is the cost of the services they are providing. You have to assure that everything will be managed in your budget because that is the only way you can win the case. If you notice that the rates of the lawyer are more than your budget it is better that you ask for customized services. If they will not lower the rates you should consider finding another lawyer because that is the only way you can succeed.

Bottom line

Once you have found the best Birmingham DUI attorney it is better that you tell them everything that happened. Make sure that you do not hide any piece of information from the lawyer or hide any important details. If you will hide things from the lawyer there is no one who can help you in this situation. So make sure that you tell them everything that they want to know because that is the only way Birmingham DUI attorney will decide how he is going to present the case to prove that you were innocent and sober to drive.


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