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Specializes in design, installation and maintenance of live plants in interior and exterior environments. We can customize your indoor or outdoor space.

Harsh Northeast winter conditions can take a toll on indoor plants. With less sunlight, extreme temperatures, and dry air, winter conditions can affect the growth and vibrancy of plants if they’re not properly cared for. If you have a good amount of indoor plants in Philadelphia, the experts at Plantscapes U.S.A. can help install and maintain your plants so that they can thrive in any season.

Here are some small tips to keep your plants thriving through the winter:

Seal Up Windows
Drafts and cold air can be deadly to plants. Be sure to properly seal your windows to trap in warm air and keep out the cold if your plants are placed by the windows. Not only will sealing your window protect your plants, but it is both an economically and environmentally friendly move, as it cuts down on heating costs and energy use.

Don’t Overwater!
Because plants grow more slowly in winter, they require less water. Therefore, overwatering is a common mistake made by plant owners in the wintertime, and can serve to be very detrimental--even deadly--to your houseplants. Cutting back on the frequency and amount of water you give your plants is recommended. Adjust until you find the right amount.

Let There Be Light
With the limited daylight hours that come with winter, not to mention a lesser amount of sunshine throughout the daylight period, plants can suffer from lack of sunlight. Place your plant near a lamp with an incandescent bulb or even invest in a growing light to make sure your plant has adequate light throughout the short days of winter. It also may help to keep your windows clean, as excess dirt and buildup can block natural light.

Say ‘No’ to New Pots
Plants grow more slowly in winter, meaning their roots grow more slowly as well. A common misconception by many plant owners is that root systems will grow as much as they do in warmer months. Many owners think they need to continue to re-pot their plants to keep them healthy. However, instead of re-potting, occasionally prune your plant, removing dead or damaged leaves or branches while maintaining a manageable size for its current housing.

Cut Back on Feeding
Plants do not need additional sources of food such as fertilizer or enhanced soil during the winter. This food source will only upset a plant’s natural winter cycle, as they get a sufficient amount of food from adequate sunlight. It is best to hold off on giving your plants fertilizer or other growth additives until early spring.

Dust off Plants
Poorly circulated, dry, winter air can sometimes cause excess dust to accumulate on your plant's leaves. Using a damp cloth, wipe off any dusty leaves on your plant to show it a little extra care. Not only will this make your plants look more lush and alive, but it will also help the plants absorb light more efficiently, which is very important since this is your plant’s primary food source during the winter.

Maintain Humidity
The winter months cause dry air in indoor environments. Using a humidifier to maintain a comfortable level of humidity in your indoor space will not only help your plants thrive but will also make the air more comfortable for you. (A humidity level of approximately 40% is said to reduce the ability for airborne viruses to cause infections drastically!)

Don’t let your plants suffer in the winter months. Follow these tips to keep them healthy and lush throughout the year. For more information on plant maintenance in Philadelphia, contact Plantscapes U.S.A at msplantscapes@gmail.com or visit their website plantscapesusa.com for more tips on how they can help your plants thrive all year round.

For more information about Interior Plant Maintenance Philadelphia and Plants For Office Philadelphia Please visit : Plantscapes U.S.A.


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Specializes in design, installation and maintenance of live plants in interior and exterior environments. We can customize your indoor or outdoor space.

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