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Ultra Motion provide high speed linear actuators and micro motor actuator accommodate heavy loads, high bending moments and deliver long service life.

An Actuator is a mechanical component in an engine used in the conversion of energy into motion. It serves as a control system which receives signals (input) and responds by converting it into mechanical motion (output). Commonly referred to as the action mechanism in machines, they are needed for circular or linear motions, such as in gears and pulleys. The control signals in actuators may be infused electrically, pneumatically, hydraulically or even manually. Bent Jensen of Christian Jensen & Sons is regarded as the inventor of the world’ first actuator. An engineer by profession, he was interested in novel ways to improve the wheelchair of a handicapped friend of his. His research and innovations brought to life the first ever mechanism which could create motion in a straight line. This invention improved the already existent actuator motors which could only cause cylindrical movements.

Actuators come in different forms but for the same purpose of influencing motions. Found in different industrial settings, they perform the same functions using different means. Below are some types of Actuators with different uses:

Electrical Actuator: These are actuators which make use of external power sources, such as batteries to generate motion. Linear electric actuators, for example, convert electrical energy into linear displacement through thermal expansions, magnetism or plain mechanical transmissions.
Uses: Basically used for push-pull motion control.

Hydraulic Actuators: They convert energy into motion using liquid. Hydraulic linear actuators are powered by hydraulic or motor fluids which creates motion in a straight line. Another type of hydraulic actuators is the rotary actuator which produces linear motions.
Uses: For straight and linear movements.

Pneumatic Actuators: They use compressed air to generate motion in valves, which are often remotely controlled by an electronic system. These types of actuators are often found in ships and steamboats. Tie rods and grippers are perfect examples of pneumatic actuators.
Uses: For rotary or linear movements depending on the type of the actuator motor.

Thermal Actuators: This type of actuator motor converts heat into motion generation. They vary in types but perform the same functions. They are broadly of two forms - asymmetric and symmetric. Some types are optical switches, moving reflectors, bi-material micro-actuators, etc.
Uses: They mostly use joule heating as the power source to create motion.

Today, actuators are in high demand and widely used by firms in various industries, including petrochemical, refineries, water factories, food beverages, chemical processing plants, oil & gas among others. The type of actuator to be used depends on the needs of the business concern and the type of industry it operates in. Whether it’s symmetrical or asymmetrical, the purpose remains the same. Across millennia, inventions have always been a technological constant in our world. From the time of the industrial revolution up till this point, necessity has always caused men to ponder on better and more efficient ways to do work. Actuator motors are a perfect example of technological discoveries and inventions, which not only fulfill our intent and purpose of today but safeguard and guarantee our technological tomorrow as well.

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Ultra Motion provide Actuator Motor accommodate heavy loads, high bending moments and deliver long service life. For 20 years, Ultra Motion has been supplying high performance actuators to research facilities, national laboratories, and universities.


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