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Zeolite in Animal Husbandry

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There are a lot of advantages in using zeolite in animal feed. Lets see how & where else its used..
Animal Feed:

Zeolite is used widely by livestock farmers as an animal feed additive for beef cattle, dairy Cows, Swine, poultry (broilers & egg production), and sheep. Since Zeolite is the World’s only naturally occurring, negatively charged, mineral a great number of benefits in the feed process can result from the basic chemistry of the zeolite as an animal feed additive.
(Source: https://www.kmizeolite.com/zeolite-applications/animal-husbandry/animal-feed-additive/)

Other Applications:

Cattle / Dairy Cows
Horse Care
Animal Bedding / Barn Deodorizer
Manure Composting & Odor Reduction
Lagoon Pre-Treatment and Management
Anaerobic Digesters and Biogas


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