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How Beneficial Is Django for the Existing Python Developers
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Python scores over other popular programming language in the category of security and avail the features of Django to optimize the application.

As a robust server side scripting language, Python makes it simpler for developers to develop high-performing websites immediately. The object-oriented programming language encourages Django modules and packages. So the developers can distribute the code into different modules, and reuse these modules over different projects. They can notably reduce overall development time and attempts significantly by using a Python web framework.

As highlighted by several surveys, existing Python developers across the world prefer it to other popular Python web frameworks like TurboGears, Falcon, Pyramid. Along with being a high-level web framework, This is also adaptable and extensible and comes with features that help developers to create customized internet applications. There are also some reasons why Django Development is highly popular for both beginners and existing Python programmers.

What Makes Django Popular Among Existing Python Programmers?

Precise and Cleaner Code

The existing Python developers understand the long-term advantages of a shorter and cleaner code base. As Python allows those to express common ideas with less code, they can always dodge creating longer code. At the same time, Django maintains model-view-controller (MVC) pattern. The pattern produces it easier for programmers to fix their code efficiently by keeping the business logic, user interface and application data separate. The blend of Python and Django helps skilled developers to generate readable, shorter and cleaner code.

Options to Customize Web Applications

Nowadays each business wants its website to deliver distinct and rich user experience. Python developers look for options to customize pieces of websites without putting any extra time and effort. As a flexible web framework, Django enables them to customize different pieces of a website. Instead of using pre-built web applications, the programmers are required to focus only on customizing pieces of the website according to client’s specific requirements. The focus enables them to create applications that deliver relevant content or information according to the specific needs of the user.

Built-in Tools for Accomplishing Common Tasks

Django is regularly updated with new features and built-in tools. It includes a variety of built-in tools that help users to accomplish common web development tasks without writing lengthy code. These built-in tools help programmers to reduce the amount of time required for developing large websites.

A Variety of Packages

The existing Python programmers further boost the performance of their web application using Django packages. The Django packages include reusable tools, apps, and sites. Many developers frequently use apps like Django Extensions, Django Celery, Django Rest Framework, and South. They also effectuate development of e-commerce websites by using Django SHOP, Django-oscar, Satchmo, matchless or Cartridge. They also have the option to choose from a variety of reusable tools, apps, and sites according to the nature and needs of the web application. These packages make it easier for them to boost the website’s performance without writing extra code.

Object-relational Mapper(ORM)

The choice of database differs from one client to another. The experienced Python developers prefer using the object-relational mapper to write database queries without using SQL. Django comes with an ORM that enables developers to manipulate database without writing lengthy SQL queries. The framework implements the ORM by default to allow programmers to describe the database layout as a Python class. At the same time, they also have the option to use a Python API to access data in a more efficient way. As the API is generated on the fly, the developers are not required to generate any additional code. That is why; Django is used widely for development of data-driven websites.

Dynamic Admin Interface

Each client wants a simple and dynamic admin interface to manage the application smoothly. Django is designed with features to generate a production-ready admin interface. The dynamic admin interface allows authenticating users to add, delete and change objects. Thus, it makes it easier for the business to edit or update the website content, without using any backend interface. The existing Python programmers take advantage of this feature to setup and run admin sites while developing the models.

Optimized Security

Python Development scores over other popular web programming language in the category of security. The existing Python developers also avail the features of Django to optimize the security of Python web application. Unlike other web frameworks, it often generates web pages dynamically and sends the content to web browsers through templates. So the source code remains hidden from both the web browser and end users. As the source code is not immediately exposed to the end users, the internet application gets comprehensive security cover. At the same time, the developers can also use this to prevent cross-site scripting attacks, SQL injection and other security threats.


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