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The Shoe Mart has the most popular shoe brands in the world, with the highest quality & integrity. Visit us at http://www.TheShoeMart.com or call 800 850-7463

From classic Workboot style to luxurious shell cordovan leathers, Alden Indy Boots are designed to fit the style of all wearers, all while upholding the Alden promise of product durability and all-day comfort. Here are some Alden Indy boots for every style:

Color 8 Shell Cordovan Indy Boot
It doesn’t get much more luxurious than slipping your feet into a pair of Alden Color 8 Shell Cordovan boots. These handsome shoes are made of the highest-quality, shell cordovan leather with commando sole and heel and are hand sewn to ensure premium-quality craftsmanship in every stitch. The leather is tanned throughout a 6-month process with the centuries-old method of vegetable tanning and hand finishing, producing a genuine and coveted shell cordovan leather. The tanning process creates a soft, supple leather that is not only appealing to the eye, but also to the feet. The vegetable tanned leather is soft for superior comfort while also maintaining extreme durability for more taxing wearing conditions. The Color 8 Shell Cordovan Indy boot is unsurpassed for breathable comfort and long wear, assuming the contour of the wearer’s feet to create the most customized, quality fit. The boots are made with a 360-degree Goodyear Welt that helps protect the shoes from harsh weather while keeping your feet comfortable and dry. The Color 8 Shell Cordovan Indy is also made with a tempered steel shank, contoured and triple-ribbed for extra strength, support, and durability. Not only does this shoe encompass the luxurious look of shell cordovan leather, but it is also built to last, keeping your feet comfortable for a long-term wear.

Alden Men’s D7917HC - Indy Boot Commando Sole Workboot
The Alden D7917HC Indy Workboot is a timeless classic Bootmaker Edition made specially for TheShoeMart. Worn by Indiana Jones, this boot features a look and fit that works for all occasions and has Commando soles perfect for traction and weather resistance. Made with Horween brown Chromexcel leather and paired with Antique Edging, this stylish boot will not only look great, but feel great too! The soft and supple leather creates a superior comfort, with a breathable and foot-forming fit for all-day support. Beneath the insoles of this boot is a layer of cork that provides an additional resilience and insulation for the boot. The boot also comes equipped with a tempered steel shank that is contoured and triple-ribbed for extra strength. The Alden D7917HC boot is the classic choice for the man who wants a shoe with timeless style and all-day comfort.

Indy Boot High Top Blucher Workboot
Alden’s Authentic Indy High Top Blucher Workboot is famous for its appearance in countless Hollywood films and is recognized and appreciated worldwide for its timeless and hardy design. Made with robust Horween leather, this boot provides an incomparable all-day comfort and is the perfect shoe for those who spend all day on their feet. The leather is supple and vegetable tanned, creating a phenomenal level of comfort and breathability all while providing a durable and strong barrier from the elements for your feet. The Alden Indy Boot High Top Blucher Workboot is made with a cork insole layer that provides extra shock absorption and insulation with every step. As with every Alden shoe, it carries a tempered steel shank that is precisely contoured and triple-ribbed for unbeatable strength. If your looking for a shoe with a classic Hollywood look combined with all-day durability and comfort, the Indy Boot High Top Blucher Workboot is the shoe for you.

Whether you’re looking for the classic luxurious look or something more Hollywood, there is an Alden Indy boot for every style that encompasses incomparable durability and all-day comfort. Find the aforementioned Alden Indy boots and more incredible shoes at theshoemart.com!

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The Shoe Mart has the most popular shoe brands in the world, with the highest quality & integrity. Visit us at http://www.TheShoeMart.com or call 800 850-7463

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