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We offer a wide range of black contact at reasonably price. Visit LensVillage online store and find out more! Buy the circle lens and let the world sees your different stunning eyes.

Some people find enjoyment by pulling a dark look with their usual wardrobe. Others are more than confortable going one step further in the scare factor by using Black Contact Lenses. They are creepy-looking and they are great for getting the attention of passersby as you walk around. Of course they are usually best suited for Halloween parties or themed events of any kind, but there’s nothing stopping you from using them every day if that’s your thing.

The features of Black Contacts

Black Contacts are usually custom made (or they should be), most of them are intended for theatrical use, but they still require a prescription to be used. They demand certain care, more than the usually required for regular colored lenses. They tend to cause some level of discomfort that could increase if your wear them for a long time. Black Contacts do have a wide diameter and they can be adjusted to avoid blurriness in your vision. Your pupil will be completely covered, so you’ll have a limited range of sight with your iris. They go great if you already have dark eyes, but they might cause a little distortion with your overall look if you have a light color scheme in your regular eyes. Because of their cosmetic nature most of them are not approved by the FDA or by the KFDA and if you buy them from a reputed seller, the cost might be quite expensive.

The famous backstory of Black Contacts

All Black Contacts are mostly used by special effect departments, and as such they are usually known that way. They are made using non-transparent tints to cover completely your natural eye color. Since they offer a haunting look, they are usually preferred by Rock musicians and theater actors. One of the most famous performers who still use dark colored lenses in all his shows is Wes Borland of Limp Biskit fame. The guitar player usually goes up the stage showing off some great scary-looking body paint with his eyes covered in dark lenses to match the overall look. Accomplished rock musician and movie director Ron Zombie used to perform with Black Contact Lenses in his early performances and Marylyn Manson occasionally uses them in his ever changing looks on stage.

Black Contacts, a popular choice

Black Contacts remain a popular choice among cosplayers of horror. People looking to put on a scary look for their zombie, vampire or alien costume choose Black Contacts for a haunting look and a feel of soullessness in their overall look. You still should take some precautions if you want to get onboard the trend and use them as a fashion statement: Buy them from a seller who work with prescriptions, you might not need them to correct your vision, but they should meet certain criteria to be worn to avoid any damage to your eyes. Avoid at all costs online retailer that don’t offer a guarantee on their product. Once you have them, clean them properly using the right fluids and tools for them. Keep some teardrops on you as you wear them, you’ll need moisture in your eyes from time to time. Don’t share them and don’t overdo the time you have them on you. 8 hours should more than enough to enjoy your Black Contacts. If you push your eyesight beyond that you may be risking an infection.


If you are about to join in a theme party like zombie, vampire or alien, absolutely Black Contacts will be your first choose. Visit Lensvillage.com today to get your desire one.

LensVillage.com provide you best Black Contacts according to your budget.


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