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Renting a campervan is an affordable way to travel. You can share travelling costs with family or friends and save on accommodation costs.

Renting a campervan is an affordable way to travel. You can share travelling costs with family or friends and save on accommodation costs. It does not limit the places you visit and it is a fun way to travel and bond with family and friends. There are different types of campervans you can rent in Nelson depending on how much costs you would like to save and number of people taking the trip.

Types of Campervans

1.    Campercar

This campercar is suitable for one or two people trips. It does not have sleeping facilities but you can put a mattress in the back to sleep. It does not have kitchen and toilet/shower facilities as well but you are free to use the ones offered by campsites or holiday parks. You cannot park anywhere with this campercar because it is not self-contained.

2.    Non Self-Contained Campervan

This campervan comes with kitchen and sleeping facilities but not toilet or shower. It is smaller than a self-contained campervan and more affordable. It is suitable for medium size family trips. The downside is that it is restricted in terms of camping sites because it is not certified

3.    Self-Contained Campervan

This campervan identifyie itself to the environmental offices that it is certified. It holds waste water in tanks that must be disposed in dumping stations. It is bigger and comes with a kitchen, bedroom and toilet facilities. It is also the more expensive option. You get more options when it comes to camping or parking sites because of its certification.

Camping Sites in Nelson

There is a lot to discover in Nelson. Its sunny weather gives you an opportunity to be adventures. These camp sites below offer a variety of accommodation from camping, units rentals, self-contained and tents. Rent your campervan and head to these locations

•    Tahuna Beach Kiwi Holiday Park

•    Canopy Camping Escapes

•    Brook Valey Holiday Park

•    Mapua Leisure Park

•    Nelson City Top 10 Holiday Park

How can you save cost with Campervans?

•    Pick the right type of campervan you want depending on comfort, number of people taking the trip and facilities you are going to need

•    Pick a campervan that offers necessary hotel facilities so that you don’t pay for accommodation separately.

•    Buy, prepare and cook your own food to avoid spending money on expensive restaurant or take-away.

•    If possible avoid travelling during peak seasons when everyone is on the road. The high demand for campervans during peak season rental costs.

•    Plan free activities and avoid crowded camping sites. If you research the place you are planning to visit, you might find a lot of exciting and free activities.

Campervan rental companies now offer sophisticated ones fitted with latest gadgets and necessities like charger grill ovens and battery chargers. Whether you want to take your family on a road trip or finally embark on that one man trip, there is a campervan just for you. Visit camperco.co.nz to learn more about campervan rental Nelson.

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