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Gator Chef Inc. is the leading supplier of restaurant equipment and kitchen supplies, supplying both new and used commercial kitchen equipment, smallwares, and replacement parts for the do-it-yourselfer to Restaurants, Bars/Liquor Stores & more

Restaurant businesses are not all fun and games. There are plenty of expenses one has to consider throughout the life of the company. One of the most important considerations is appliances. Thankfully, there are ways to cut some of these high-expense items. The most common option is to buy Used Kitchen Equipment. However, before you go rushing out and picking the first low-cost option you can find, make sure to ask yourself these crucial questions:

Does the Equipment Have an Applicable Warranty?
While warranties are commonplace for new merchandise, not all companies provide an applicable warranty on used kitchen equipment. If products break after purchase, you could end up spending more money fixing, or replacing, the device than you would have if you purchased a brand new one. Although not as commonplace, there are some used warranty options available. These options typically are short-term (90 days or less) limited liability options (meaning it will only cover if something goes wrong internally and not if damage is caused by poor maintenance, etc.) to help reduce the risk of purchasing a faulty device.

Is It Gas or Electric?
When choosing a used appliance, you should always determine if the option is electric or gas. Gas options are better for three primary reasons:

1. Gas is, surprisingly, more eco-friendly than electrical devices.
2. Gas equipment is less expensive to operate.
3. Gas devices do not use as complex parts as electric options (meaning there is a less likelihood of malfunction after purchase).

Can You Test It Out?
Whenever you are buying used commercial kitchen equipment, you should never purchase it without first testing it out. In the event you are not able to test the device, you should only buy the equipment if it is a trusted seller or if there is an attached warranty of some kind. Otherwise, you run the risk of purchasing something that does not work.

What Is the Final Cost?
It’s easy to get pulled into a store because of an advertised deal on an appliance. Unfortunately, there are often other costs to consider on top of the item price, such as delivery and installation fees. Before committing to a purchase, always have the sales agent break down all the costs you will face to avoid any hidden fees.

Is the Item Reconditioned?
Many companies will recondition used kitchen equipment before reselling the device to ensure it is in the best shape possible. If you are considering a reconditioned item, you should always inquire about who reconditioned the equipment and what parts they used. Never purchase anything reconditioned unless you know quality parts were used to fix the device by an experienced reconditioning expert.

Is It Worth Buying Used?
While you can purchase just about any form of kitchen equipment used, not everything is worth the upfront savings. As an example, fryers should not be bought used. Due to their use of flames and grease, fryers are particularly risky when improperly maintained, and the more wear and tear a fryer has, the greater risk of safety issues there is. Therefore, you should always avoid used fryers unless you can ensure the fryer is not worn-out enough to pose any form of a safety risk.

Are You Buying From a Reputable Supplier?
Whether you are buying new, used, or leasing your equipment, you should never buy from a less-than-reputable supplier, and should only work with suppliers who have genuine industry experience.

Here at GatorChef, we pride ourselves on supplying restaurants with quality equipment. If you have any questions about purchasing used kitchen equipment, contact one of our experienced representatives today, and we will happily answer any concerns you may have!

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Gator Chef Inc. is the leading supplier of restaurant equipment and kitchen supplies, supplying both new and used commercial kitchen equipment, smallwares, and replacement parts for the do-it-yourselfer to Restaurants, Bars/Liquor Stores, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Cafeterias, Pizzerias, Banquet Halls, Bakeries, Convenience Stores, and more

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