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Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives - Jagger specializes in high-quality Damascus & stainless steel knives and Carbon Chef Knife, As well as unique and fun gift ideas for everyone. Check out our growing product range.

Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives - Jagger specializes in high-quality Damascus & stainless steel knives and Carbon Chef Knife, As well as unique and fun gift ideas for everyone. Check out our growing product range.

More Information;- https://jegger.com.au/

Carbon Steel

Knife enthusiasts like Damascus knives for many reasons. That’s a great thing because such diversity reflects versatility inherent in Damascus that is absent from other blades. The history of Damascus steel also draws favor, as it comprises a mystery that offers a sense of intrigue and enhances the ancient tradition dramatically.

Carbon Steel

The most common aspects of Damascus steel knives that enthusiasts consider ideal are the aesthetics and high performance. Damascus knives boast stylish patterns that metal workers engrave into the blade during the forging process. No two Damascus knives are alike. In fact, each knife is one of a kind and valuable as an expressive work of art

As for the high performance, carbon-rich metals forged together offer a sense of power from billeting and banding that is alien to many current blade designs. This extends to the molecular composition of the blade as well as the precision and care that are typical in production, making such power synonymous with Damascus design.

Carbon Steel

Are Damascus steel knives worth owning and using? Again, the answer is subjective. Blade owners woud likely agree that Damascus knives serve well in certain contexts over others. Two commonly hailed scenarios are, as described above, the love of the uniqueness in style and artistic patterns, as well as the implementation of weaponry as seen in hunting and military exploits, although many chefs own Damascus knives as well. These knives are quite special and valued. Indeed they hold a unique prestige with knife collectors today.

Carbon Steel


After 2,000 years, Damascus style and tradition are still going strong, and, in light of their mystique and special quality, they will undoubtedly last a long time to come.



Carbon Steel


Damascus and Carbon steel knives are better than stainless steel knives but they do require a little care. Here are some tips to help you care for your knife.




Given Damascus is a high carbon steel they need to be cared for and considered, unlike the disposable stainless knives most have in their drawers. 

You will want to keep your knives stored in a dry space.  Long-term storage in leather sheaths could result in the blade rusting due to the absorbent nature of leather. 

We recommend preparing your knives for storage if you do not plan on using them for extended time periods.  Coating the blade with Vaseline or a light oil (such as WD 40 or olive oil) will keep the moisture from staining the blade.

If you are going to store them in leather we recommend you prep the blade, wrap it in plastic wrap then insert the knife in the sheath. The plastic wrap will act as a protective barrier between the steel and the leather.  Once removed after storage simply clean off the blade and use.



If the blade does develop some rust or corrosion we recommend wet sanding the blade using WD40 with 1500 wet/dry sandpaper or 0000 or 000 steel wool. The WD40 acts as a cutting agent. This usually will restore the blade to its original state with little effort.





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