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The Michael Kors Mini Darci Pave Quartz MK3725 Women's Watch is luxury piece that endures.

Michael Kors Mini Darci Pave Quartz MK3725 Women's WatchWhy you should get one:

Wearing a watch is easy; what’s not is carrying a voguish attitude with it every time. The Michael Kors Mini Darci Pave Quartz MK3725 Women's Watch just helps you to do that. With its pavé embellishments all over the bezel, the Michael Kors Mini Darci Pave Quartz MK3725 Women's Watch gets an eye-catching flair and an enduring, lusty elegance because of its radiant, purple stainless steel bracelet. Together, it beams out a casual yet ingenious simplicity, looking great with designer jeans as much as with a pair of slacks and blazers. This won’t go that well with your little black dress, but make that purple and violet with small and shiny jewelry pieces, it is absolutely charming!


The Michael Kors Mini Darci Pave Quartz MK3725 Women's Watch styles with simplicity. Its hallmarks are its finish, build and material quality.

Sleek, classy and unique.

Makes light casual and semi-formal attire look more attractive. It’s a perfect pick for anyone looking for an appealing, timeless creation.

The biggest plus-point:

The Michael Kors Mini Darci Pave Quartz MK3725 Women's Watch is tad larger compared to the dainty, girlish, tee-hee pieces but with as much weight to offer a feel of warm bonding. The colors blend well to lend it versatile dimensions.

Blends to the trends

Ladies’ accessories are best when petite save some professional wearable tools and similarly complex gadgets, so the Darci has been downsized to render up an exceptionally elegant look-at-me flair. The world-renowned, award-winning designer side of MK runs free through the Michael Kors Mini Darci Pave Quartz MK3725 Women's Watch. Flash your innate sense of glamour with the Michael Kors Watches and catch eyes unfailingly being timelessly chic, sophisticated, indulgent, iconic and modern – all at the same time.

Ending notes:

The Michael Kors Mini Darci Pave Quartz MK3725 Women's Watch is luxury piece that endures. This stunning watch makes you check for a new definition for form and fit together. With its classic, unique touch to any pairing you might don, keeping you safe from sudden widdershins on the fashion avenue. Whether it’s a dress or designer denim jeans, the Michael Kors Mini Darci Pave Quartz MK3725 Women's Watch always brings forth a stylish, modern look.

Bottom line: The sparkling rose gold top-ring of the Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph Women's Watch puts up a very subtle contrast against the colored-same-as-the-bracelet-and-the-case mother-of-pearl dial, with the golden hands and beveled hour markers spread above and across takes the spotlight. It’s a graceful mix. Style and function are aplenty in the Plum! Had it been a woman, the Michael Kors Mini Darci Pave Quartz MK3725 Women's Watch would be the modishly glamorous girl next door!


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