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Looking for plumbing Leak detection services? We are licensed plumbing contractors to deal with water leak detection & repair in Torrance CA. We are open for all water and flood damage clean up 24/7!

Leaks from fittings, plumbing fixtures, and pipes waste water for many households. A home can lose up to 20,000 gallons of water yearly because of these leaks. Leaks from water heaters and faucets are obvious, But, more leaks become undetected for years because they are not visible.

Check the Water Meter

A homeowner can detect small or large leaks through his water meter. He can do so by following the steps outlined here.

● Turn off all water around the house. This is possible if there is no automatic water equipment like dishwashers, washing machines, or irrigation controllers.

● Record the water meter reading. After 15 minutes, check the water meter again. For best results, everyone in the house must know that they cannot use the water while checking.

● After recording the 2nd water meter reading, the readings must be compared. If the 2nd meter reading is higher, there may be a leak. The homeowner must verify that that there are no small appliances like house humidifiers, water softeners, or water filters in use while testing.

This meter test will only be successful in large leaks. Small leaks within the home are difficult to detect. Also, even if there are large leaks, the meter test cannot determine where the leaks are.

Check Leaks in the Water Supply Line

Leaks in the water supply line are difficult to detect. The pipeline is not visible on the ground surface. If there is water in the meter box and it is not due to irrigation run-off or rain, there may be a leak in the pipeline.

Also, the homeowner can check the pipeline that is above ground level and/or the one that enters the house. If the soil is always damp, there may be a leak. Water from different pipeline leaks will go up the ground surface, especially directly above the underground water pipe.

Leaks between the house and the meter are the homeowner’s responsibility. Leaks from the main water pipelines to the homeowner’s meter are the responsibility of the utility company. The homeowner can contact the company before taking steps to repair the water pipeline. If it is the responsibility of the homeowner, he can contact the leak repair Torrance CA.

Check the Toilet, Shower, Faucet, and Tub Leaks

It is common to have faucet leaks. In fact, they are the simplest to repair. A dripping faucet can waste at least 1,000 gallons each year. To stop the leak, the homeowner must undertake the necessary repairs. Most homes have four basic faucet types: compression valve, cartridge types, ball types, and ceramic discs. If a homeowner knows how to make minor repairs, he can use his tools to repair these faucet leaks.

Toilet leaks are often silent and not visible. According to research, about 35% of toilets leak. The homeowner can detect large toilet leaks if the valve has a gurgling or hissing sound when no one is using the toilet.


Leaks can cause water wastage and ruin the home. If the homeowner suspects water leaks, he must contact a water leak detection company like mitigationinc.com to help him fix the problem.If you are looking for Plumbing Leak Detection then you are at the right place with most trustworthy Leak Detection Torrance CA.


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Looking for leak detection services? We are licensed plumbing contractors to deal with water leak detection in Torrance CA. We are open for all water and flood damage clean up 24/7!

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