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Pendant alarms button service for the elderly are telephone based alarm systems that allow the wearer to immediately call for help in the event of an emergency. Personal alarms for the elderly reviews in the UK help elderly Britons to stay living in


In many developed countries, the life expectancy has gone up to over 70 years, which means that many people today live longer today than a few decades ago. The more a person ages the more he or she is inevitably more likely to require an almost constant support from others. Yet baby boomers, who are mostly past their 70s, value their independence and thus hate being under the constant care of others.

Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems like the lifeline personal alarms offer a solution to independent living for the aged while still placing their security as a priority. These alarms are presented in the form of personal accessories like a lifeline wristband or a wearable lifeline emergency button that gives a user direct line of communication to care service stuff. In the case of an emergency, the lifeline user can simply press a button to alert a care specialist who can help them deal with a range of emergencies and situations.

Lifeline alarm systems are more flexible than having to call 911 although in some case the care specialist will end up calling 911 for the lifeline user. However, there are many things that elderly people and their loved ones worry about, for instance, being unable to detect a fire or falling and becoming unconscious. The lifeline wristband is a smart alert system that is able to determine when the user has fallen unconscious and will alert the care specialist when the person doesn’t wake up after a certain amount of time.

Addressing Concerns with Lifeline for the Elderly

A lot of companies today offer medical alert systems, some of which may appear to be more attractive offers compared to lifeline alarms. Nonetheless, before flagging off lifeline alarm systems and choosing different product, there are a number of things you should ask yourself:

How user-friendly is the system?

How discreet is the medical alert pendant, button or wristband and is it easy and comfortable to walk around with?

What is the range of coverage for the alarm system?

Will you have access to service care specialists 24/7 and every single day of the week?

Does the customer care center consist of certified Emergency Medical Technicians?

How many languages can the call center service agent’s converse in and is your language one of them?

Will the service still function in the event of a power disaster or failure?

Can the service allow for communication or alert to neighbors or relatives in the event of an emergency that doesn’t require an ambulance?

Cheap Can Be Expensive

These considerations, among others, are what should convince you that lifeline alarm systems are the best option for you. Many people simply choose a medical alert system or company because they give a cheaper offer, but sometimes spending a few dollars extra per month can actually be the best life decision you made.

There are also some Lifeline Personal Alarms with LED light that can be used for lighting and to deter assailants. Personal alarm serves as a form of security and personal bodyguard. If you want to learn more details, please visit at https://www.personalalarms.org.


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We have put together an easy to understand review of SureSafe’s 24/7 Connect service to compare with Age UK personal alarms and saga personal alarms offerings. Peace of mind for you, safety and security for your loved ones. SureSafe alarms are the best personal alarms in the U.K.

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