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Jarvis Cutting Tools is an industrial supplier of aerospace fasteners, anchors, bolts, cap screws, multilead taps, coolant fed, standard and radius crest.

Fasteners used in aerospace require taps which should produce threads at much higher speeds. They can be either Titanium or the stainless steel made A286. But they should be able to resist wear and tear and build up, which can be quite common in such applications.

A286 Fasteners

Jarhook which has now been revamped and highly improved is now the best available option in taps for A286 Taps stainless steel fastener. The tool life and tapping speed has came out the best against all competition when put into testing. The performance has been by far better than the competition by being better almost by 30%. The best A286 taps in the market.

Davenport Taps

Jarvis Cutting Tools also offers best tapping on Davenport Machines with the high performing nib taps. These taps are available as nibs alone or as a welded assembly of the nib and the shank. They are custom-made so that any thread can be accommodated according to the length necessary for application.


Jarvis Cutting Tools have great experience and expertise in tapping of collars, which are made out of various materials, likes Titanium and Aluminum. Development of the best of optimum cutting for material specific applications has been result of the expertise of Jarvis Cutting Tools.

Locking Threads

One of the most common threads used on number of applications in the Aerospace Industry. Locking threads are very useful and highly precise in their usage. Jarvis provide the professional quality and precision taps which are very useful in making the locking threads.

Multilead Taps

Jarvis Cutting tools also offers multilead taps and cuts for the aerospace industry. These taps are useful in Inconel Insertions and panel fasteners of A286. The multilead produced by Jarvis are the best in the business as proved by various tests done on them, as they are very material specific.

Jet Engine Housing

Jarvis Cutting tools has been expert in the tapping of 718 Inconel Inserts as well. The engine components that are found on normal commercial airlines are examples of having high tool life due to correct tapping. The tool life has been increased to a whooping level of upto 300% for our customers.  Jarvis has been behind the tapping of holes on the new F-35 Fighter jet engine.


All of the above applications of Jarvis’s tapping tools give you insight on the quality and dedication that the company puts into their products. The taps are manufactured in such a way that they provide you with the best of outputs with the least of errors and thus making Jarvis Cutting Tools the best company working in this industry. jarviscuttingtools.com is the destination for finding the various taps related to Aerospace such as A286 Taps, Aerospace Fastener Taps;Multilead taps as well as the Spiralock taps. Go through the largest assortment of high precision tools which are designed for optimum performance and high quality outputs. The taps are used in many industries for some of the most complex processes. jarviscuttingtools.com is the internet home of Jarvis Cutting tools.


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Jarvis Cutting Tools is an industrial supplier of aerospace fasteners, anchors, bolts, cap screws, coolant fed, standard and radius crest.
For getting more details please visit at https://www.jarviscuttingtools.com
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