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Real Estate Restore Utah is an investment fund and operator focused on Salt Lake County and also greater Wasatch Front.

Get an opportunistic real estate investment company known as Restore Utah which is a capable operator to match the needs of capital partners making available attractive targeted opportunities. The firm is focused on capitalizing on the rapidly evolving area of single family home rental properties while concentrating on low and moderate income areas. Through its learning experience over the years, it has been utilizing its platform to explore new areas. It has also gained insights in relocating single and multifamily properties, brownfield remediation and complex land entitlement. There is a great dedicated team which is focused and collaborative in bringing the best for every service rendered to customers.

Real Estate Restore Utah is an investment fund and operator focused on Salt Lake County and also greater Wasatch Front. It is hugely supported from one of the leading institutional investors and renowned banks. Restore-Utah has invested over $140mm in residential properties and it includes over 500 single-family rentals and six multifamily communities covering 375 units, and. It has established a great mission to restoring the existing housing stock, invest in low income communities and developing new personnel housing.

There are many professionals employed in the company including principal and president, senior associate, general manager, and many other members. Their collective work includes overseeing rehabilitation, investing, leasing activities, acquisition activity, property management operations, business development activities, operations management, sales within real state, firm’s investing strategy, property management, construction management, residential development, land acquisition and development, etc. They have dedicatedly and passionately worked upon renovation of over 200 homes and undertook and executed construction projects in the commercial and residential plus retail sectors in Utah.

The strategy of the company is focused on multifamily residential acquisitions and single residential acquisitions as well as selected development opportunities. The high professional attitude of the employees in the company has resulted into high quality outcomes and it includes:

  • Supreme and consistent specification which is superior to typical single rental homes (family) which are available in the market.
  • A proficient processes ensuring predictable results.
  • Quick and financially beneficial delivery found in production environment.

There are many families and single persons who are in need of homes or houses for staying or opening a business. Real estate comes into picture when they have to deal with their needy customers and offer a good proposal for buildings. Having a reliable and genuine company in contact that offers its customers a beneficial and worthy deal is a boon. This company is such a company where customers are never disappointed with the home rental properties services.

To know more about Real Estate Investment, please contact us (801) 210-7002 or visit our website HERE: https://www.restore-utah.com/


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Restore Utah is an opportunistic real estate investment company and operator with a unique capability to match the needs of capital partners with attractive targeted opportunities. The firm was founded in 2012 initially focused on capitalizing on the rapidly evolving area of single family home rental properties while concentrating on low and moderate income geographies with particular need for stabilization.
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