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Buy products related to guillotine wide format school paper cutters and trimmer are portable and easy to use with an ergonomic handle at United.

Why Buy a Paper Cutter?

Everyone can buy a paper cutter for his home and office. Using scissors can take a lot of time and effort. Thus, having a decent paper cutter makes it easy and quick to cut papers. Also, cutting papers becomes enjoyable, accurate, and efficient.

Factors to Consider in Buying a Paper Cutter

Because of a huge variety of united paper cutters, people may find it confusing to buy one. Also, industrial cutter are expensive. The choice for the best paper cutter depends on the needs of the person.

Size of the cutter

The best size to choose is the 12 in x 12 in cutter because it is the most useful. Buying a smaller cutter may not fit for most projects. Thus, buying this size is the best option. However, a small cutter is more compact, cheaper, and portable.

Larger paper cutters are best for cutting cardboard boxes, ivory sheets, and chart paper. But, they occupy a lot of space. Also, buying a large paper cutter is more economical because the user can buy large sheets of cardstock or paper. However, a large cutter is more expensive, and a need a bigger storage space.

Fold away arm or extendable arm

A paper cutter may cut at least a 12-inch thick stack of papers. But, this is only possible if it has an extendable arm. Manufacturers may fold a 12 in x 12 in paper cutter in the middle for portability and storage. Crafters may like this feature, but, in most cases, the measurements are inexistent in the fold area. Also, they may find it difficult to cut papers accurately because of inaccurate measurements.

Cutter mechanism

 For crafters, they may like cutters with sliding blades, or with long blades on levers.


 Before buying, the user must check if the measurements are in centimeters or inches. He may have grown accustomed to using measurements in centimeters. Thus, he may find it difficult to use a paper cutter with measurements in inches.

Surface grids

A surface grid is useful for a user because he can line up his sheets of paper easily. Also, he will find it faster to know the measurements. Again, he must ensure to check if the measurements are in inches or centimeters before buying one.

Cutter base material

Metal cutters are bulky and heavy, but cut beautifully. Plastic cutters are cheap, but they break easily. Also, they wobble when in use. Wooden cutters, on the other hand, has a sturdy feel, but is heavy.

Additional features

Users may find other features appealing. However, they must be wary about features that may be good in write-ups, but are totally impractical.

Reading the Online Reviews

Users must do their homework before deciding on a paper cutter to buy. They can read online reviews to learn what the other users think of a particular cutter. They may find it useful to watch videos of a certain cutter in action. If they have crafter friends, they can ask them for references.


Buy products related to guillotine wide format school paper cutters & trimmer are portable and easy to use with an ergonomic handle at United. If you interested this post about United Guillotine Trimmers then don’t forget to check out at https://unitedofficenow.com/



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